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General Fixes That WILL Improve RoR

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Stovepipes, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. JUKE454

    JUKE454 Space Spelunker

    I think a modding kit for this game would be great, I also think it would increase the games popularity.
    From new characters, to new maps, maybe even bug fixes, or new mobs/bosses. I really think that if the teams staff could create a modding kit the game would be golden.

    So everyone please if you think this a great idea push it to the top, or spread the word thank you.
    • Swannicus

      Swannicus Void-Bound Voyager

      Figured I'd throw my two cents in with the update coming soon.
      •Sound options and a few possible lag fix options like hiding money/exp and corpses would be nice.
      •Ultimately I think the sniper and enforcer are both characters who are below the average, especially enforcer as his combat philosophy just doesn't work with the theme of the game very well. There aren't easy fixes for them so I'll just leave it at that.
      •As for bosses, cremator is extremely frustrating as melee, maybe allowing it to be staggered by melee attacks would be a decent QoL change for melees? Golem is a boring boss unfortunately, perhaps making its slams send waves like Ifrit would make it more interesting? Speaking of which I think Ifrit also needs something more, maybe he could suck people into his little arena?
      •Glass mode is definitely way too easy, which is disappointing as I was hoping to have a super difficult new mode to play on top of 6 player monsoon. Speaking of which distortion is a fairly boring and annoying artifact and origin is far too easy too deal with for something that only occurs 10 minutes and took a decent degree of effort to unlock.
      •Achievements such as no hit and no enemies alive at the end of the timer are incredibly annoying to get due to the nature of spawning, which I really wish had a small no spawn zone around the player (I have both achievements and they are definitely possible to do but the point is they are inherently infuriating due to game mechanics). Drowning whorls is the only achievement I don't have as it is incredibly tedious, and unlike the infuriatingly hard no-hit, not even fun in a rage inducing way. I'm fine with the dying achievements personally, but I do see why many people are annoyed that dying is an 'achievement'.
      • Dzumeister

        Dzumeister Subatomic Cosmonaut

        Have you tried playing Glass paired with Honor? Or also with Spite/Enigma/Distortion?

        It's tough.
        • shadowpikachu

          shadowpikachu Space Spelunker

          I love playing sniper, for those who don't know you can quickly look the other way and roll, effectively a combat roll, letting you distance enemies.

          Honestly the only problem i can see with this game is the slowdown (will be fixed)
          And i'm not too affected by the 5 month break as i started playing around summer sale.
          • Swannicus

            Swannicus Void-Bound Voyager

            Yes, I've beaten the game with all artifacts on, hence why I have origin. Glass is a hilariously easy mode once you get past the initial change in pace.
            To clarify myself and a friend tried many combinations of glass run when we first found it. Within a couple days it we began to realize that glass just made runs faster and easier, as glass doesn't really lower the effectiveness of any survivability increasing items but massively increases the deadliness of offensive items.
            • 42oL33t

              42oL33t Aquatic Astronaut

              its been a while since anyone responded to this thread. Im pretty sure chucklefish isn't supporting this game anymore, even though its like only 2 years old. Anyway, from what I can tell, its not the game that's poorly optimized, its the platform. This game was made on Gamemaker 8.something (1, I believe?), which is part of the reason why it would be so difficult to mod. Its all kind of wrapped up in there and people would have a tough time unpacking all the stuff needed, since Gamemaker isnt really a development focused platform. Its supposed to be for rudimentary games, and Risk of Rain pushes the engine itself to the limits. This explains why even on high end computers it runs poorly.
              • geekofalltrades

                geekofalltrades Phantasmal Quasar

                They're trying so hard to not support it that they just hired a new developer to help them not support it. The new dev is doing such a good job of not supporting it that they pushed a fix for a long-standing bug five days ago.
                • Active Link

                  Active Link Master Astronaut

                  Chucklefish were never the developers of this game. The current developers are the original developers, who are also inexperienced college students dealing with their final semester simultaneously. Plus, at this point, if you're still saying they're not supporting the game you're just not paying attention.
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