Mob Genetically engineer your own pet!

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by RainDreamer, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. RainDreamer

    RainDreamer Existential Complex

    Please move this thread if this fits other category than about NPC and creatures.

    To save people the problem of scouring through a few dozen planets looking for a perfect mob to turn into pets, I think we should have a few new stations to go along with the creature capture station that allow us to create a customized pet of our own!

    Here is how I imagine it will work:

    1. Capture a mob using capture pod
    2. Load a filled pod into a DNA scanner, the scanner will give you genetic blueprint for every body parts of the mob you caught, and you can print out those blueprints in the forms of chips for each feature.
    3. A Cloning station will have a special interface with slots specifying the body parts of a creatures. Slot in the appropriate chips to the appropriate slots, and once you got the creature you desire, you can hit clone and the machine will pop out a capture pod filled with the creature you created!

    In short, I am suggesting we should be able to 3D print pet mobs, but in a much more customizable way!
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  2. LejeuneCourt

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    Very, very cool idea, maybe you would find chips and buy them, or even find ancient gene altering facilities. It would also be cool to make your own parts entirely. Maybe you could even give them abilities like bio-luminescence or being able to carry things like a pack animal. The ability to dye the animals would probably also be appreciated. :slowpoke:
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  3. jokekid

    jokekid Space Spelunker

    this sounds more like an amazing mod than oficial content, still saying it'd be epic to see this though
  4. Grooverth

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    This is one of the best Ideas that I see in this forums; but in fact, only would open to procedural generation monsters, combining the parts of two, picking the common ones (if they had someone) and random generate the others with a range of the two aviable.

    As mechanic, sounds pretty simple. The programing of the interface and tools may be a problem, but the logic isn't insane.
  5. Warped Perspectiv

    Warped Perspectiv Pangalactic Porcupine

    So basically Monster Rancher?
  6. Grooverth

    Grooverth Void-Bound Voyager

    Who in hell play that game and doesn't love it?

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