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    ok, so in penny's 14 heart cutscene she says she's glad you came in at 5:00. now, the villagers, when your married, most of the time they go to bed at 10:00. so game wise are you supposed to go home at 5:00 (from what penny said)and go to bed at 10:00? example: pretend your part of the game are you supposed to go in your house at 5:00 and go to bed at 10:00? been thanking about this. I haven't found anything about this on google.
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      Interesting question. My thoughts.

      'mechanically' The penalty for going to be late doesn't start until 11 pm. And you do not get to wake up until 6am.
      All spouses I am aware of, are already awake and have done things (such as watered crops or fed animals or made gift) before you get up and don't seem upset about it.

      So, I would suggest that in the SDV culture the farmer sleeping from 11pm to 6am while the spouse slept 10pm to 5am is culturally acceptable. Normally.

      The coming home at 5pm thing is trickier I think. A farmer has to work, yes? Things need done.

      However Penny is a special bird. Without having seen the 14 heart event yet my thoughts.
      She's been left to herself by a missing father and drunk mother for a long time. She has such a specific family life expectation laid out in her head. Married, with 2.5 kids a pet, the picket fence, etc. And of her spouse? Well I can understand why she want to have you home at 5 instead of drinking every night at the bar. Or out even doing what-ever. She didn't marry you to be alone.

      Leah, and the other spouses I have experience with don't quite seem to have the same fanciful dream or hang-up.

      So in my opinion, in SDV in general the culture is that you can stay out as late as you want/need to unless you are married to Penny, and then you should probably go home at 5pm. Maybe you could set up kegs, machines and preserve jars in the backroom and work on artisan things in the evenings while in the house????

      Same as if you married Shane you should probably limit your drinking or if you married Haley one might limit your interactions with Emily.
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        Hmmm I'll have to try this. I haven't played my Penny wife SDV save in maybe 6 months so it was pre-1.4 and therefore no 14 heart event.

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