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Hardifact Mode

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by FirstaLasto, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. FirstaLasto

    FirstaLasto Seal Broken

    I was thinking, a lot of the artifacts have both positive and negative effects. As an additional difficulty option, it would be interesting if we could disable the positive effects of artifacts and have only the negative ones. Basically, it would do the following:

    • Honor - Spawn rate isn't reduced.
    • Kin - Bosses still spawn.
    • Distortion - Unaffected by Hardifact.
    • Spite - Ghosts do not spawn bombs.
    • Glass - Damage boost is removed.
    • Enigma - Small Enigmas don't spawn.
    • Sacrifice - Enemies don't drop items.
    • Command - Opposite effect occurs; all items are random (shops always contain only ?, roulette chambers don't appear, and Armory chests and Medical Bay cabinets are always empty).
    • Spirit - Players don't move faster at lower health.
    • Origin - Imp Vanguard won't drop an item on death.
    Seem like a good idea?

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