WIP Haywrites Narrative Overhaul Series [Official Content Patcher versions!)

Discussion in 'Mods' started by haywrites, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. randomlybookish

    randomlybookish Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I have always genuinely enjoyed your mod series so far so I am excited to see how the Pam dialogue will shake things up! When I went through and added all the previous mods when I first discovered this series, I found myself seeing out and speaking with the villagers again to see what new things they have to say. You have breathed more life into my Stardew Valley game and for that I thank you.

    I do have a question though. Are there plans in place to release Perfect 10 editions of the Linus (and later on Pam) dialogue expansions? If not, that is perfectly fine I was just curious. I can always start a new file to experience some of the lower level dialogue for Pam since that file was just released.
    • haywrites

      haywrites Big Damn Hero

      Thank you bookish!
      I recently discovered, to my dismay, that the Perfect 10 editions stop working past Year One. My hope is that they will work come a patch, but until then, they are really only for people who got the characters to the tenth heart level and reset their game.

      While there is value in that, and if there's enough demand I can do it, I'll be holding off on more Perfect 10s for now.
      • Kuriiyo

        Kuriiyo Scruffy Nerf-Herder

        I'm in love with all of your narrative overhauls. Can't wait to see more. <3

        Just installed the Pam one too, excited to see what fun things she has to say. :)
        • randomlybookish

          randomlybookish Subatomic Cosmonaut

          Ah, Thank you for letting me know that! I was not aware of that little flaw about the Perfect 10 editions. I am really enjoying the Pam overhaul so far even though I have not played a whole lot yet. I am thinking maybe once I finish up the year on my current save file I am going to start a new game so I can truly experience it.
          • 0boko

            0boko Phantasmal Quasar

            i absolutely ADORE your narratives. i'm using literally every single one you've released. marnie is probably my favorite, but you breathe so much life into these characters! it's wonderful and makes stardew valley a little more refreshing to play. one character i would love to see some more dialogue for is gunther. the dude's never at events, he's always at the musem. he only shows up like.. maybe only once at your house? i think he has the potential to be very interesting. the same goes for marlon and gil, honestly.
            • haywrites

              haywrites Big Damn Hero

              Linus 2.0 Out now!
              This...rehaul? Makes Linus a LOT more cheery and Guru-like versus before, where he was pretty down. I think this version will be closer to what people were hoping for, and as always, I'd love to hear your feedback!

              Get it here!

              Those three are people who I would have loved to do, but there is no way to increase the heart level of Gunther, Marlon, or Gil. Can't even talk to proper at some points!
              My hope is that someday it will be possible, but not now!
              Let ConcernedApe know you want it as much as I do!
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              • Kuriiyo

                Kuriiyo Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                Yessss!!! I loved your Linus overhaul! Gonna install this immediately and go stalk him ingame -w-
                • Balentay

                  Balentay Void-Bound Voyager

                  You could plan a series of new events. If you could figure out triggers for them, you could have him visit a few times as you increase the library's collection.
                  Also events you could have him visit the pub and stuff! Oooh, also you could do a scene between him and Penny! I bet they're close because she's always at the library!
                  • haywrites

                    haywrites Big Damn Hero

                    Today is the one year anniversary of the release of the Willy Narrative Overhaul!
                    In one year, I've crossed 71,000+ downloads. Thanks to all of you who have supported the mods!

                    As such, I've released what I'm calling the Year One Edition on each of my mod file pages, which bundles all the characters to their latest version in one convenient place.

                    Thanks again to all of you!
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                    • Ahrnie

                      Ahrnie Poptop Tamer

                      I just want you to know that I've installed all of your narrative mods and I simply LOVE them!!!!
                      Most dialogue mods I've found are for after marriage, but if you're playing my kind of SDV character (the one that stays single, and "lives" many many years) you want much more variation. Your mods give me that! Plus they work great together with the Longevity mod!!!

                      Thank you so much for all your hard work!
                      I hope that you'll get your dream job as a narrative designer someday, although I'll be more than happy if you expand your mods library further ;P

                      If I have a request, then I would like you to prioritise Pierre as your next overhaul project. As a player you visit him almost daily, and he buys stuff from you, but he's quite uninterested in you as a character, if there is one person who you as a player would evolve a friendship with when your new in town it seems like Pierre...
                      • Ailsaek

                        Ailsaek Subatomic Cosmonaut

                        Oooh, seconded! It would be lovely to be able to get to know him better, even if he really is as all business as he seems.

                        Also, have all of these been redone for Content Patcher? I'm pondering installing them all (all I've got is Krobus at present) and starting yet another new game..
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                        • paradigmnomad

                          paradigmnomad Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                          I have sent this to the OC but they appear to not have opted to upload it officially.

                          Here is a conversion of their Year One edition to Content Patcher.
                          Dropbox link as it's too big for the forums

                          Has a config file for male & female Shane, depending on your mod preference. Default is male.
                          • haywrites

                            haywrites Big Damn Hero

                            I've been trying to get the time to get ready for the big 1.3 push, and learn Content Patcher myself.

                            Many people have put forth the edited versions of the mods, and I just need to figure out which to upload, as there have been a few types sent to me.
                            • Kuriiyo

                              Kuriiyo Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                              Content patcher isn't too bad to learn, though if you're going to create your own I would definitely suggest copying one of the already made packs and working off that. Well, I feel it helped me, anyway.

                              I absolutely adore your narrative overhauls, so I'm happy to help where I can. :)
                              • haywrites

                                haywrites Big Damn Hero

                              • Moragaine

                                Moragaine Existential Complex

                                I love your all your narrative overhauls(especially Linus) and what they add to the game. However, the Gus overhaul does not seem to be working in the single player beta. I know he has a new scene with Willy, but I can't see where it would block any and all changes; also Willy's overhaul seems to be working as it should.
                                • haywrites

                                  haywrites Big Damn Hero

                                  Interesting! I'll be learning how Content Patcher works soon, so I hope I can figure it out. I'm sure a period is missing or somewhere.
                                  • randomlybookish

                                    randomlybookish Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                    That is encouraging to hear that you will be looking into it! I love all your overhauls but I have a soft spot for the Gus one since I visit the saloon frequently.
                                    • gamsii

                                      gamsii Void-Bound Voyager

                                      Your narrative overhauls look really amazing so far. I'm very impressed with the time, dedication, and care you're putting into this project.

                                      Actually, I'm working with a team on our own ambitious SDV mod project that would align perfectly with what you're doing here and benefit greatly from someone making a study of the characters as you're doing (the mod is heavily driven by character development). Would it be okay if I messaged you, either here or through Discord, to tell you a bit about it to see if you'd be interested in collaborating with us? (I didn't want to just message you out of the blue without asking here first.) Of course, I completely understand if you're not interested.
                                      • haywrites

                                        haywrites Big Damn Hero

                                        Sure, just shoot me a message on here, I'd love to hear how you are going about it!

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