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  1. Number_16-_-

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    My name is Mika, But my tag is Number_16. I might explain what that means later, but anyways...

    Things I like
    I Like to read books based on true events
    I love milky tea
    I love my 2 cats, Bella and Kiki
    And Starbound!

    Things I don't like
    I don't like haters or spammers
    My out of date Starbound (V 1.1.3)

    I might do some stuff later on, but I'm a little busy with study.

    Have a great day! :nurutease:
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  2. Moor Al-Malik

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    It has been a while since there is someone new and/or introduce themselves here.

    So, anyway, welcome to the forums, Mika!!
  3. Pangaea

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    Hello, Mika. Welcome to the forums.

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