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  1. CarGround

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    So something must've bugged up in starbound during my dash tech obstacle course while i was playing a new character. The double doors close way too fast. even more fast than usual. the crazy thing is that i've beaten it before with past characters. i've restarted the mission several times, i have even restarted the entire application itself. i swear the doors literally won't stay open long enough for me to dash through. So i was hoping, could someone tinker with the obstacle course? perhaps create a longer rate that the doors remain open so i can actually have a chance? i would find this mod extremely handy and i'm sure many others would enjoy a nerfed test like that. I just want my double jump again. ;-;
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    Try this mod, it allows the dash to be executed much smoother. Just make sure that you hover your mouse away from the screen, keep pressing D (moving right) down when you're right in front of the door, press E, and as soon as you see the door open, press W, and you should pass through the doors.
    Just make sure that you hold down the D key all the way.
  3. bk3k

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    Hmm I should look at that mission. I have a suspicion. Are you using Automatic Doors? Because if that's the problem, I'll cook up a workaround.

    Yeah any fast tech mod would let you get through(including my own) except for one small detail. I believe those courses switch you into the tech you're trying to earn. So that would foil you... unless it is a modification of the vanilla tech anyhow. Generally I don't prefer that route but in this case it would actually be better.

    Anyhow I'll look at it.

    yeah those doors are wired so it woudn't be a mod. And I had no issue clearing it with the vanilla tech. So I don't know the issue you're having. Not fast enough reflexes?
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  4. CarGround

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    i have beaten the test no sweat in the past, i promise its not the reaction, at least i hope. i've been doing it the same way i always have. I'll check out the mod, certainly sounds like an improvement to the pesky double tap.

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