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    Hello, I'm new to Stardew Valley and love editing simple data pieces in games. I wanted to make new weapons to the game and managed to set up most of what I need.

    What I need now is to figure out the numbers that are supposed to be placed into the weapons.yaml file.

    "Name/Description/Min Dmg/Max Dmg/Weight/Speed/Precision/Defense/WeaponType/?/?/?/CritChance/CritDmg"
    (Taken from @zcsnightmare 's Additional Weaponry)

    Above is the order of values that are in weapons.yaml. The first four are simple, but I'm having a hard time working out what the rest of the values mean. (I'm only missing Speed, Weapon Type, and the three ?s)


    1. What are the values I should put to have a certain increase?
    Example: I want a 200% swing speed, but I don't know what value to put into Speed.

    2. What are the three "?" stats?
    (I saw on the Additional Weaponry thread that the 3rd "?" is supposed to be <addedAreaOfEffect> but I'm not sure what that means either)

    I'm currently working on testing those values, so I'll edit anything I find.

    What I've figured out so far: [Using Base Values of Swords]
    Name: Name of the Weapon (Alphanumerical)
    Description: Description of the Weapon (Alphanumerical)
    Min Dmg: Minimum Damage (Numerical)
    Max Dmg: Maximum Damage (Numerical)
    Weight: Knockback Value (Numerical, can be negative) [Base is 1, and every +0.2 is a +1 Weight]
    Speed: Swing Speed (Numerical) [Base is 0, and every +2 is a +1 Speed or a ???% increase]*
    Precision: Increases minimum damage. (Numerical) [every 1 is a 1% Min Dmg increase]*
    Defense: Increased Defense (Numerical, can be negative) [every 1 is a +1 Defense and a ??? Damage Reduction]
    Weapon Type: Type of Weapon (Numerical, 0 to 3) [0 is ???, 1 is Dagger, 2 is Club, 3 is Sword]
    ?: Unknown
    ?: Unknown
    ?: Unknown, apparently should be <addedAreaOfEffect>
    Crit Chance: Chance of Critical Hit (Numerical from 0.00 to 1.00) [Every 0.01 is a 1% Crit Chance)
    Crit Dmg: Crit Power (Numerical) [Base is 3 and every 0.1 is a 5 Crit Power increase]

    Thanks in advance if anyone finds anything!
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