Modding Help Hey! I would like to ask some questions about adding an NPC and the ability to marry.

Discussion in 'Mods' started by flyinggoatman, Mar 21, 2022.

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    I am working on a personal gift to give my girlfriend as a birthday present. But I'm feeling really overwemled by the dialogue and what dialogue I need to add and what they mean. For example whats the difference between engageA and engageB? and What do they even mean? Is it if I ask them or they ask me?

    If there's a list of required voice lines for an NPC that you can marry and what each line means with an example. I'd be so grateful if you could provide it!

    I'm sorry to be such a bother it's just I get really overwhelmed easily by tasks like this because of my autism and any help would be so appreciated!

    This is my Dialogue.json file so far!

      "Introduction": "Introduction: Hi I'm Thomas and I'm new in town!$1#$b#God, you know you're really beaitful!$4#$b#Oh I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to be so rude.$3 #$b#Pleased to meet you!$1",
      "divorced": "Hi @, I'm sorry we didn't work out.$2",
      "danceRejection": "Oh I'm so sorry! I can't dance right now.$3#$b#I'm too anxious $2@,#$b#Please forgive me!$3",
      "Mon": "I love Mondays!#$b#Do you have any plans this week @?",
      "Fri": "Fridays! I love a good Friday!#$b#How is %pet doing today?",
      "Sun": "Such a lovely sunny day today!#$b#Have you got some sunscreen?",
      "engageA": "Yes! I would love to get engaged!"

    and the MarriageDialogue.json file
      "patio_Thomas": "It's such a lovely day!",
      "Rainy_Day_Thomas": "It's rainy outside! I don't like the rain...$1",
      "Rainy_Night_Thomas": "What a lovely night!#$b#It's a shame that it's raining$1#$b#...$1",
      "Indoor_Day_Thomas": "Good morning my love!#$b#Oh wow, you look really beautiful today!$4"

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