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Discussion in 'Mods' started by SPRidley, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. SPRidley

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    I already made a mod for portraits (that you can download here if you want) so I already know how to mod portraits and all that jazz, but I was thinking this last few days of how cool would it be to have hand drawn higher resolution portraits as one of the possible portrait mods, instead of pixel art, just to have more variety. Also this WIP thread , with some amazing art, made me post this thread help sooner than later.

    So yeah, my question basically is, it is possible to change the usual 64x64px resolution the portraits have to something else, or is it super hard code into the game?

    I know the .yalm file with the png the extractor extracts, has some type of pixel count when you open it with Notepad++, but it doesnt seem to have anything to do with portrait resolution, and I know aboslutely nothing of coding to know what can be changed to make higher resolutions work, if its even possible.

    I also know the game already uses some type of pixel aproximation when you use a higher resolution for the game so the pixel art sizes with the same pixel count, just using bigger pixels, so maybe it doesnt even work for the start.

    Nontheless, is worth a try asking here so anyone with better undertanding explains if this can be done or no.
    • GrooseMcHades

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      Yeah. I was about to make a thread about this. It would really nice if we could use sprites of higher resolutions rather than being restricted to the original resolutions.
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      • Staredsat

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        Hello there!
        This thread is pretty old but I searched and I didn't find anything about this question... And I would love to draw some portraits myself but I'm not into pixel art so... Maybe there will be some answers this time, it would be awesome : ) !
        I'll just repeat SPRidley question here: "it is possible to change the usual 64x64px resolution the portraits have to something else, or is it super hard code into the game?"
        I've seen some great "traditionnal 2d" style portraits mods but didn't find anywhere the explanation of their good quality. Like DCBerger's portraits, for example.
        It would be so good to draw these dear villagers <3 !
        Thank you : ) !

        (Sorry for my propably weird english ...)
        • Xuomi

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          @Staredsat There is a mod called Portraiture that allows people to use high-definition portraits. DCBurger has uploaded a comparison of what their portraits look like in-game with it installed:


          The "Hi-Res mod" portrait is what their art looks like when using Portraiture mod.
          • Staredsat

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            Oh yeeeeeees!!! \o/
            Thanks a lot !!! That's awesome!
            I'll probably open a new thread for my new portraits sooner that I actually thought, then :D !!

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