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Bug/Issue Host game crashes when entering coop game.

Discussion in 'Mac / Linux Bug Reports' started by denersc, Apr 10, 2020.

  1. denersc

    denersc Space Hobo

    Hello! Me and my girlfriend are playing coop mode and experiencing the following:

    She is the host of our farm. When we decide to play, she hosts the farm and i rejoin. I connect and enter the character selection screen. As soon as i select my character and try to enter, her game crashes. The only fix we found is if she plays some days without me (usually one is not enough, the most we needed to do was two or three i think) i am suddenly able to rejoin the game without crashing her game.

    Some additional info:
    - The crash apparentely occurs independent of where her character is when i try to join.
    - When we stop playing, we usually end the session inside the same cabin.
    - We are both on Linux (she on Mint 14, and me on Ubuntu 18) and using Steam to play the game
    - She plays on windowed mode, i play on fullscreen mode
    - BuildID 4665301 for both of us
    - I have no error logs, only disconnect logs that say "Disconnected at : xx : xx : xx - HostLeft"
    - I am uploading her error logs. On all of them, the error message is "Message: No user info retrieved for user 52845069799037113"

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