How to make your Starbound 3D!

Discussion in 'Blocks and Crafting' started by darkjoebr, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. darkjoebr

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    Well, i have a good thing to tell! I'm new to the forum so, i probaly may post in the wrong area, please move it. I Intenasily researched beforme making this, so i know no one made this topic before, AND, i am at the right area.

    The pointWell, we all know starbound: a game, without lot of mobs, or a exp system, a game witch the only objective is CREATE, make things, constroy houses and stuff. BUT, this is limited by a 2D System eek, what wrong idea! So, I wanna ask the gamme developers to make teraria 3d, so we can make better castles and then explore them in 3d! There is no kind of game like this currently, so it will certanly be a sucess.

    And, in 3d, no one will notice that terrible grathifcs and texture in starbound because everyone like 3d!

    This would be so INOVATIVE!
    Thumbs UP UP UP if you agree.

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    Em outros idiomas:

    Bem, eu tenho uma coisa boa para contar! Eu sou novo no forum assim, eu probaly pode postar na área errada, por favor movê-lo. Eu pesquisei Intenasily beforme fazer isso, então eu sei que ninguém fez esse assunto antes, e, eu estou na área certa.

    o ponto
    Bem, todos nós sabemos starbound: um jogo, sem muitos mobs, ou um sistema de exp, uma bruxa jogo o único objetivo é criar, fazer coisas, casas constroy e outras coisas. Mas, esta é limitada por um sistema 2D (), que idéia errada! Então, eu quero pedir aos desenvolvedores gamme fazer teraria 3d, para que possamos fazer castelos melhores e, em seguida, explorá-los em 3D! Não há nenhum tipo de jogo como este, atualmente, por isso vai ser um sucesso certanly.

    E, em 3d, ninguém vai notar que grathifcs terríveis e textura em terrários, porque todo mundo como o 3D!

    Isto seria então inovative!
    Polegares acima acima, se você concorda.

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    E pra, unë kam një gjë e mirë për të treguar! Unë jam i ri në forum kështu, unë probaly mund të postoni në zonën e gabuar, ju lutemi të lëvizin atë. Unë Intenasily hulumtuar beforme bërë këtë, kështu që unë e di askush nuk e bëri më parë këtë temë, dhe unë jam në zonën e duhur.

    E pra, ne të gjithë e dimë starbound: një lojë, pa shumë të Turmat, ose një sistem exp, një magjistare lojë objektivi i vetëm është të krijojë, të bëjë gjëra, shtëpitë constroy dhe sende. Por, kjo është e kufizuar nga një sistem 2D (), çfarë ide e gabuar! Pra, unë dëshiroj të ju pyes zhvilluesve gamme për të bërë teraria 3D, kështu që ne mund të bëjë më të mirë kështjella dhe pastaj shqyrtuar ato në 3D! Nuk ka asnjë lloj loje si kjo aktualisht, kështu që do të jetë një certanly suksesit.

    Dhe, në 3D, askush nuk do të vëreni se grathifcs tmerrshme dhe cilësi në starbound sepse të gjithë si 3d!

    Kjo do të jetë aq inovative!
    Bravo UP UP, nëse jeni dakord.

    Duan të luajnë me mu
  2. Giraffasaur

    Giraffasaur Big Damn Hero


    Also, you are asking for an entirely different game to be made. This will not happen. Sorry, mate.
  3. NightCat

    NightCat Void-Bound Voyager

    Personally I cannot stand Minecraft and its variant clones precisely because they are 3D. If I'm digging deep into the ground I don't want to spend most of my time staring at a handful of huge blocks because I'm standing right in front of them; I want to see the entire lit area around me along with the route I've made to get where I am.

    2D graphics are beautiful things and kids these days just can't appreciate them. If only you younglings knew the pure joy of playing Super Mario Bros. for the first time on the NES..
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  4. Stalkish Cockatiel

    Stalkish Cockatiel Existential Complex

    The graphics are actually really good in Starbound... graphics aren't "3d woah!", it's the quality of the art... which in Starbound, succeeds. You need to play Minecraft..
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  5. HueHuey

    HueHuey Parsec Taste Tester

    That would be an entirely different game, besides, there's Minecraft, and Blockscape (which is in alpha atm)
    I think the graphics in Starbound are great.
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  6. FormalRiceFarmr

    FormalRiceFarmr Big Damn Hero

    Is this a troll?
    In addition to what this guy said, other block-based 3d building games are out there. Starforge, Space Engineers, and Starmade may be the kind of games you're looking for, darkjoebr.
    Starbound is on the right track here and is already in the Steam top sellers... without even being a finished game!
  7. Wilcol

    Wilcol Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    This totally hasn't been done before.

    Oh, wait...
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  8. Twisted

    Twisted Orbital Explorer

    Block building games in 3D IMO are neither graphically or aesthetically pleasing, both Terraria and Starbound are well established because they nailed both.
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  9. Thenidur

    Thenidur Big Damn Hero

    at first i have to say i like both.. i dont care if 2d or 3d as long as the game is fun.

    and then i think you havent really played minecraft at all. in minecraft are tons of things to be discovered underground. you will discover tons of amazing underground caverns to explore you dont have to dig all the time.
    sure if you dig a straight shaft you will "stare" at the blocks in front of you, but if i dig a straight shaft in terraria or starbound i will also only look at a straight shaft leading down surrounded by dirt in all directions

    i also think this thread shouldnt be about personal likings or dislikes but about the OPs suggestion, which of course is nonsense. its like playing an FPS and wishing it would be a 2d jump 'n run

    btw: dont tell me you feel old 'cos you started playing games with a NES... how about Mario Bros. (yeah without the "super" back then) on the atari2600... a few years after you stopped playing PONG on your universum 4014 tv-multispiel....

    ah starforge.. i completly forgot about that. hows the development going? are the making some progress?
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  10. FormalRiceFarmr

    FormalRiceFarmr Big Damn Hero

    They update every now and then, but it's still very much incomplete. But it's getting interesting. You can play in a "survival" mode that lets you dig into the world and collect resources to build your fort. Still very buggy though.
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  11. NightCat

    NightCat Void-Bound Voyager

    I played it quite a bit because I wanted to know why it was so exceptionally popular, but in the end I always just went back to Terraria for aesthetic purposes (plus it was more of an actual game rather than just a sandbox). It is my personal opinion, but there are more than enough 3D Minecraft clones around and precious few decent 2D ones so I think the concept should be defended in extremis.

    When it comes to older consoles, aside from the incredibly early days I think the NES was really when pixel art began to take proper shape. The artists had a practical colour palette and decent resolution to work with, whereas before that those factors were too limiting to really allow for a lot of artistic creativity beyond stuff like menu screens.
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  12. KadoDragon

    KadoDragon Void-Bound Voyager

    Begin rant...

    Wat...? I hate when people dis 2D graphics simply because they are not 3D. Sheesh. My favorite game in all the world is Daggerfall. Most of the graphics in that game are 2D. 3D environment and building but the rest is 2D. The sheer size of the world in that game is what made me love it. It's the biggest, if not one of the biggest game worlds ever (The biggest I've seen). Can you achieve that with a 3D game and 1080p textures? Yes, but no one will make it since it would take well over 10 years of development time and the game would be hundreds of gigs (I'm talking a Daggerfall sized 3D game here). 2D graphics are good for if you want to have a game with a lot in it. Starbound is a good example. Once you add 3D graphics you're going to need to start cutting features to save on hard drive space and budget. Not only that but 3D graphics (in my opinion) have not achieved making proper looking babies, animals and ears. They're ugly as sin. Wheras 2D games have achieved this.

    End rant...
  13. Coexist

    Coexist The Number of the Minibeast

    I believe this idea was built to crush its self under its own weight of bad thoughts.
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  14. Guest0241525

    Guest0241525 Guest

    Even Space Station 13 has better odds at getting a complete 3D remake than Starbound.

    And those odd aren't particularly high.
  15. MarcusMaster

    MarcusMaster Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    it would be easier to make a 3d sidescroller then actually make it fully 3d

    ''In 3d, no one will notice that terrible graphics and texture in Starbound.'

    What do you mean by ''terrible''
    They did an amazing work with the pixel art.
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  16. Iris Blanche

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    Please avoid double posts, use the edit function instead if you want to make additions to your previous post. I merged your posts.

    Iris Blanche
  17. symbiot999

    symbiot999 Space Hobo

    I know this thread is old, but I for one love starbound and would buy it it a open world 3d version of starbound came out. Maybe a starbound meets elite dangerous or starbound meets starmade type of thing. just saying

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