I done messed up.

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  1. xNinjin

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    So, I am currently doing the quest in Starbound where I scan some objects in the Floran Temple. Apparently, I have been there before and taken and sold one of the items I need to scan before I started the quest. Is there any way to get it back? I think it was a Floran Statue or something. It was yellowish and not the big one in the center. Thanks for helping if you could.
  2. ManaUser

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    If you happened to scan it before you sold it, you can create a new one at a Pixel Printer. But you probably won't get one of those for a while yet.

    So in all likelihood you will simply need to find a new Floran settlement on another planet.
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  3. xNinjin

    xNinjin Space Hobo

    Thanks for your help, but I was even more ignorant than I thought. It was in one of my chests, and thankfully, did not sell it. Goodness, you do not know how relieved I am.

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