Ideas to improve quailty of life in map making and scene design

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Alador, Feb 27, 2019.


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  1. Alador

    Alador Space Hobo

    Good evening,​

    I have recently picked up the game on the switch and have been drawn to the campaign creation side but have found some annoying problems in the switch version that could really help smooth out the creation experience.

    On the map making side we have
    - The ability to scale objects
    - The ability to rotate buildings and objests
    - As many other posts have talked about a mirror function would be nice
    - last far stretch I know most likely is asking to much is being able to change props and decoration rgb values to add more devirsity to maps .

    Now onto the scene design through cutscene editor.

    - Please allow me to copy and paste portions of the time line it would allow for much easier story creation this would also be great for the counters and programming side of the engine.
    - This may just be on my side but my cutscene stopped working after about 35 secs of content. Do I need to start a new cutscene or is this just a bug or cap to the time.

    This is all I have to add for now I love this game and I hope we can grow as a community I'm planing on making how to guides for the creation side of this game it takes some getting use to.
    • Fadedsun

      Fadedsun Astral Cartographer

      100% There needs to be QOL improvements to map making/campaign design. I believe CF said they are working on this in a future update.
      • Sinaro_II

        Sinaro_II Tentacle Wrangler

        Yep, makes sense. There should be tutorials for all the different parts of the campaign editor, such as how to use triggers, how to change the party, etc.
        • Alador

          Alador Space Hobo

          Im planning on making a youtube channel around this actually I cant find any content out there on it. sadly I don't have it for pc and don't have a capture card so its making things a little hard I either spend $20 to buy the game again or $80 for a capture card.
          • Hatkat

            Hatkat Aquatic Astronaut

            I will chime in with:

            Please, oh please, make availability of cutscene music NOT be dependent on which tracks you have unlocked in Jukebox (by completing Arcade runs).

            I'm not an exceptional player, and having to crack several more campaign maps then complete some more Arcade runs to use Sigrid's and Valder's music for cutscenes is just disheartening.
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            • Alador

              Alador Space Hobo

              I like the idea of content being locked behind progression for most things but in this situation I totally agree with you .
              • Sinaro_II

                Sinaro_II Tentacle Wrangler

                Pretty much, I need a simpler triggers menu and thats it

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