I'm new to the game and loving every second of it

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What do you think of Joja Corp?

  1. They're OK. Just another business trying to make a profit.

  2. They are evil! They are destroying Pelican Town and all traces need to be removed from it!

  1. Farmy

    Farmy Tentacle Wrangler

    So far I've made it to Fall 01 Year 1 and have shipped most seasonal crops while having a coop with 3 chickens, which is about to be 4. Some advice on that: Build a Silo QUICKLY or before you build the coop and make sure you have A TON of hay. Those suckers eat fast. You're gonna want the eggs. Additionally I have found a couple exploits:

    1.For 'Gathering' quests from the Help Wanted board in front of Pierre's, if you already have the item collected just drop it out of your inventory and pick it up again to complete the mission. Talk to the person and VOILA! Instant payment.

    2.For the arcade game in Stardrop Saloon called Journey of the Prairie King - just stand still as soon as the game starts. DO NOT hit WASD only use the arrows to shoot. This will allow you to kill the zombies and survive the first wave easily without them being able to kill you. However, it only works in the first wave and keep in mind that as soon as you move you become vulnerable again!

    So those are some of my experiences with Stardew Valley so far. Any tips for me on building/running a farm? Where I can consistently find Hardwood(barrels in the mine seem to be working)? Oh, and I have made it to level 50 in the mines. Trying my best to woo and marry Leah - salads work wonders.

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    • Encephalon

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      Boss, now u know why I took a sick day right? Lol :rofl:

      Seriously tho yea the game really is brilliant.
      Btw did u check out the bundles in the Community Centre? I hope u kept some Spring / Summer veggies.
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      • Omnislash024

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        You only need the Hay on Rainy days. You can open the chutes next do the doors outside to allow them to go in and out. When it become night, the animals will come in. If it's going to rain the next day, shut the chute so they don't go out in it. Then when it's sunny again, open it. Make sure you feed em hay on the rainy days.

        The exception is winter. They need to be inside everyday.
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        • Farmy

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          I've been making the Community Center my #1 priority. I forgot to mention that. I can't wait until I have the Bridge/Bus/Minecarts repaired. Hoping it saves some time traveling.

          I just discovered that chute and was playing with it wondering what it was for. Thanks for clearing that up!
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          • Tucumcari

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            Hardwood is a rare commodity, especially once you clear all the stumps and logs from your farm. There is a meadow you can access just north of the Wizard's house that has stumps respawn everyday.

            Once you get to eight hearts with Leah, make sure to shove a bouquet in her face. I wasted so much time giving Sebastian gifts and failing to get higher than eight hearts only to find out it won't go any higher without the magic flowers. Though it has been changed to make it more obvious.

            I'm away from the game at the moment so my tips and tricks escape me. ):

            As to your Joja Mart question up there, at the moment they seem pretty benign. You can side with the town or Joja and there are changes to the town depending on which one you side with. As it stands right now, I think there should be more of a story arc with Joja than there is right now. It seems to start with the coupons but then just kinda putters out. I won't say much outside of that, don't wanna accidently give anything away.
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            • Farmy

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              Yeah I just got a mail from Pierre about that. Can't wait to bring her onto my farm and make beautiful art together.
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