Boss Inactive Robot lvl vs Armor lvl - imbalance

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Nef_123, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. Nef_123

    Nef_123 Orbital Explorer


    UFO - Level 10 Boss (changed to 9 after patch)

    I was able to solo the UFO without exploits using full silver armor (lvl 10), hunting bow , 20 bandages and some near death experiences. It was a lot of fun!.

    INACTIVE ROBOT - Level 20 Boss (according to a screenshot i saw on the forum)

    I was killed in 2 shots wearing a full set of soldier armor (lvl 15) and was using the steelforger 2h weapon (lvl 15). The first hit took me down from full health to 1 bar as soon as i had activated the robot.


    There needs to be a set of lvl 20 armor and a lvl 20 weapon made available prior to activating the robot for a balanced fight. At the moment my progress in game is limited to using an exploit to defeat it because i only have that lvl 15 soldier armor available to craft.
  2. Lenney

    Lenney Void-Bound Voyager

    Couldn't agree more. I fail to see how such an imbalance could have been overlooked in Alpha. I've literally tried this fight 3 times and still haven't figured out an exploit. I'm rather tired of farming for steel at this point and I expected more from this game. This is completely game breaking imo and I don't even feel like playing until it's fixed b/c I can't progress.
  3. Tokeeto

    Tokeeto Tentacle Wrangler

    The exploit is to box in the robot. (using dirt for example)
    That said, from what I've seen from the pages/fora, the devs are aware of the severe issues with the bosses vs equipment. equipment vs drops and level vs equipment.
    The latter is going to be (attempted) fixed soon.

    Currently, gear is simply not based around "getting through" the game. It's just there. It sits and exsists in its own universe.
    The same is true for bosses.

    So yeah, you're right. Gear is not geared towards bosses.
    They're going through each of the tiers (10s of levels/1 boss segment) at the time. Currently, only tier 1 is deemed playable. The rest is just over ambitious players that exploit everything and still beat it.

    They've said they're attempting to make/fix 1-2 tiers per week. And that character wipes may occur.
  4. QuanutmBreed

    QuanutmBreed Tentacle Wrangler

    Yeah it is a pain battle though the boss needs better AI for when they do rebalance it. i beat it first try not with out hiding in a hole tho. then without building anything (as it walked into a wall at me) hit it through the wall to kill it without it fighting back, even tho there was a nice hole above me big enough for it to jump in and wreck me with it's flamethrower.
  5. Nef_123

    Nef_123 Orbital Explorer

    This has been balanced now since the indignant koala patch and the inactive robot is great fun!

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