inserir uma sequencia animada - insert an animated sequence

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    Criei uma mapa, e quero que quando o jogador foi o vitorioso da partida, apareça uma sequencia animada comemorando a vitória. Como faço para inserir tal sequência animada?
    ( I created a map, and I want it when the player was the winner of the match, an animated sequence appears celebrating the victory. How do I insert this animated sequence? )
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      If you create a map. Make sure the map type in map properties is set to scenario. You have to create a cut scene in the cut scene editor. Then you would go to your ending events in the events editor. (Victory or defeat) Add a new action to those events with either Campaign: Add cutscene *choosing that cutscene or Map: Play Cutscene. The campaign cutscene plays in the overworld map, while the map cutscene plays right after the victory or defeat.
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        Valeu (thanks).

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