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Bug/Issue Item Duplication / Broken Journal & More.

Discussion in 'Support' started by SCBM, May 13, 2018.

  1. SCBM

    SCBM Space Hobo

    I have joined a friend's world on COOP and while they have had no issues being the host, I have been been having many problems as the person connecting. I will list the problems below.

    Duplicate Items
    In the mines, whenever I break a crate or mine an ore/geode, the breaking animation will happen twice and give a duplicate item. The same thing occurs where I get a quest item such as the purple shorts, i get 2 of them.

    Broken Journal
    Ever since I went to the Skull Cavern, my journal has been blank and "!" icon has disappeared even though I know I have active quests. We have tried restarting the map and just reconnecting but nothing works.

    While I am in the mine, when using any of the bombs, the item will place and make the sound effect, but will then either go away like it didn't exist, or have a massive delay of about 30 seconds before detonating. This happens more often than 50% of the time.

    Milking Notification
    If the host goes to take care of an animal like milk a cow, and they have no milk, I will get the notification as well, effectively pausing my game for the notification.

    Duplicate Quests
    I will end up doing a unique quest like Robins Ax, and then the following play session, the quest will have returned and the Ax is missing from the location it should be, so I will end up having to spawn a new one in to complete the quest a second time.

    We are using SMAPI version 2.6 BETA.12 with the following mods
    CJB Item Spawner
    CJB Cheats Menu
    CJB Show Item Sell Price
    Enhanced Relationships
    • Redadical

      Redadical Void-Bound Voyager

      I am having the same bug with the duplication for items, just on the purple shorts so far, and I am in beta, but only on singleplayer.
      • Akusa

        Akusa Space Hobo

        Reporting item that is duplicated in single player BETA version that happen to me is "Lost Axe" which is robin's axe.
        first item appear at backpack when clicked and the dialogue appear.then another one when the dialogue is closed.
        • MysticMalevolence

          MysticMalevolence Oxygen Tank

          Same problem with items in the mine being duplicated, in version 1.3.11. No SMAPI, neither on my end nor the hostess's end.
          • VANTABlack2000

            VANTABlack2000 Intergalactic Tourist

            I just had the problem with the Purple Shorts duplicating on Single Player of the Beta it didn't happen with the lost axe though.

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