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WIP Jumper - Jumpstart your starbound player back to where you were!

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Nicko21, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. Nicko21

    Nicko21 Aquatic Astronaut

    So the game just reset your character, and you are daunted by the thought of fighting your way back to where you were? Do not fret, because Jumper is here!

    Jumper adds an NPC to the game called a "Jumper". This NPC will sell anything you need to progress to any part of the game, each at the low price of 1 pixel! (Zero brakes the game). You can spawn this NPC by a spawner that is now part of the default ship locker. Along with the spawner, the ship locker has 50 pixels for you to begin transactions with.


    To spawn the Jumper, place the spawner in your ship and beam to the planet you are above. Beam back up to find your very on Jumper.


    I would suggest buying a 1k voxel pack and a refinery to ensure you do not run out of pixels and purchase away. You may notice that the weapons are of a low level. This is due to the NPC taking their level from the ship, which is low. To obtain powerful equipment, fly to a higher level planet and place the jumper there. He will now sell equipment of the level of the planet.


    This mod is a WIP and is my first mod. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

    To install, first create a folder called "mods" in the same directory as "assets". Copy the folder from the ZIP. Go back to the main directory and open up the binaries you are using eg (win32) and open up the bootstrap.config. After the
    line, add a comma and put
    , with quoation marks. It should look like this:
      "assetSources" : [
      "storageDirectory" : ".."
    You can find better instructions on how to install by SethKipz here.

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  2. xCovertWolfx

    xCovertWolfx Tentacle Wrangler

    You have to remove default.treasurepools and merchant.npctype in order for game to get past the loading screen but once you open up the space locker game kicks you out
  3. chocodemon

    chocodemon Void-Bound Voyager

    ^That's weird, the mod works for me, and I just followed the posted instructions.
    Thanks Nicko, for taking the time to make this mod!

    As for suggestions, adding fuel ores to the shop would be nice touch :DD
  4. xCovertWolfx

    xCovertWolfx Tentacle Wrangler

    Well I did the exact same thing and it says those files are duplicated and the when I take them out it goes through fine but when I go to the locker in kicks me out if the game. Also, is there any way to add it without having to start another character?
  5. Nicko21

    Nicko21 Aquatic Astronaut

    That seems odd, do you have any other mods installed? When you say your are removing files, are you removing them from the assets or the mod folder? Also what platform are you using? As far as using this on an existing character it is currently impossible without some sort of inventory editor.

    No problem! By fuel ores you are referring to Uranium and Plutonium ore right? Should I include the bars or the ores?

    I am also going to include all the ores to make crafting easier, thoughts?
  6. xCovertWolfx

    xCovertWolfx Tentacle Wrangler

    I'm removing it from assets and keeping yours. Win32. Yes, I have arcs mod(don't know where it is yet....) tstech, fuels plus, portable teleporter
  7. chocodemon

    chocodemon Void-Bound Voyager

    Yup, Uranium and Plutonium ores! I'm not sure if their bar/rod forms have uses yet.

    I enjoy the mining aspects of the game, so adding ores may not be too big of a deal for me. It'll probably be convenient to use when I'm about a bar or two short for crafting requirements.
  8. Nicko21

    Nicko21 Aquatic Astronaut

    I am afraid I have no idea what is causing the issue. My best guess is that another mod may be changing the files aswell. If possible, could you try using my mod by itself?
    In that case I will just put in all the ores, and people can make rods if they become more efficient/required.
  9. Black--snow

    Black--snow Cosmic Narwhal

    @Nicko21, Just an idea: Add a crafting recipe for the Jumper so people don't have to setup new characters to use him.
  10. EpootEnvoy

    EpootEnvoy Aquatic Astronaut

    Says it's missing.
  11. Gravemind

    Gravemind Space Hobo

    Same for me.

    Edit: Nevermind.
  12. LFPO8k

    LFPO8k Subatomic Cosmonaut

    the game won't open, says it's missing, what should i do?
  13. alexito4

    alexito4 Space Hobo

    Is working here, on mac ;)
    look closely to the syntax and the characters. sometimes the c&p puts strange ' or "
  14. LFPO8k

    LFPO8k Subatomic Cosmonaut

    nah, already fixed it, i place the mods folder on assets, not on the main folder, stupid me
  15. MacNCheeze210

    MacNCheeze210 Void-Bound Voyager

    have the starmaps for the sectors too, so you can fly to a higher level planet
  16. Flairan

    Flairan Void-Bound Voyager

    does this system not work for mac? i couldn't find a folder having anything to do with mac so i dont know how to install this mod. i havent really done it before, but i really want to use this mod
  17. Chigze

    Chigze Space Hobo

    I've done exactly as it is said.

    Getting this error when launching; one problem might be that it's the new patch and that the mods need... to be patched, but judging by the error message it's not the patch.
    [​IMG] I've checked and I can cleary see that I have placed the folder with the mod inside correctly. Also the things I had to write is 30000x checked.
  18. btmowns

    btmowns Intergalactic Tourist

    i noticed issue is the mod dosen't give the right diamond armor like chest and boots only give +1 stats and their isnt any ore on vender other then coal
  19. ZombieArron

    ZombieArron Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Did you put the mod folder in the same folder as the asset folder or did you put it in the asset folder?
  20. dragonid1423

    dragonid1423 Void-Bound Voyager

    I installed it and the game is stuck on the loading screen. its been like it for 15 minutes so, did I do something wrong?

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