RELEASED Krobus Portrait Expansion [Content Patcher]

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    Ever wished everyone's favorite shadow monster had more than just the one slightly startled expression? Yeah, me too! So I gave him some. This mod adds 5 new, unique portraits for Krobus (happy, sad, unique, love and angry) and patches them into existing dialogues, including his event with the Dwarf![​IMG]

    To install, make sure you have SMAPI and Content Patcher, then unzip into your Mods folder.

    There aren't a lot of existing mods that give Krobus the love he deserves! This simple content pack introduces 5 new portraits, the same amount as a love interest would have (so hopefully, he's compatible with any future marriage mods!). He now has:

    • a happy portrait
    • a sad portrait
    • a "unique" portrait, which he'll show in his Friday "..." dialogue! Since Fridays are a religious day for him, I gave him a meditative expression and a necklace with a symbol of Yoba.
    • a "love" portrait (blushy!)
    • an angry portrait

    This mod isn't compatible with any other mods that replace Krobus' portraits (e.g. Dark Elf Krobus), for obvious reasons.

    This mod currently isn't compatible with other mods that try to load Events/Sewer, because it patches that event to include portrait commands with Krobus's dialogue. However, if you have it installed and want to use another mod that loads that event, you can go into the other mod's Events/Sewer file and add the portrait commands in yourself! I'm also happy to make this compatible with other Krobus mods, just ask!

    So far there are no other known issues. I've tried it with a whole lot of other mods installed and everything seemed to work. The mod should be fully compatible with dialogue addition mods for Krobus since it only patches in portraits for certain dialogues rather than loading the whole dialogue file, and if you want expanded dialogues to include more expressions, you can now add portrait commands!

    Using these assets

    These are my own edits of game files! If you're interested in incorporating them into a mod, I'd love to see it and help out. You're free to use or edit them however you'd like as long as you give credit.

    Adding portrait commands
    The wiki has documentation here on how portrait commands work if you'd like to change around any of Krobus's portraits in other dialogues!

    Future updates
    -I couldn't manage to change the default strings for gift portraits (however, because he now has more portraits, the game defaults him to happy/neutral/sad the same way it does for other characters). If I can make it work, I'd love to make his "love" portrait show up for loved gifts.
    -If you have requests for more portraits to go with other mods or for your own use, feel free to ask! He's very fun to work with so I'm happy to make more edits for him.


    Available under a MIT License/Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

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      LOVE ITTT Krobus is my favorite. I wish there was more for the dwarf and him

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