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Bug/Issue Lost Rare Loot In Personal Cave Chest From Demetrius' Cave Transistion

Discussion in 'Support' started by wargamer17, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. wargamer17

    wargamer17 Space Spelunker

    On one of my saves, I used the personal cave for storage with multiple chests placed. In one of them, I stored a bunch of the rare gems and such that you can get to this point in the game. However, when Demetrius came to me telling me of the breakthrough in research of the environment and I choose bats, it removed some of my important chests and I have no way of skipping the talk with Demetrius to fix it because he talks to me as soon as I leave my house.

    I do not want to continue and lose everything. How can I fix this? Is there something that could be done to my save to go back even a day before he arrives to talk to me so I can remove my chests from the cave?

    In fixing this issue in the future, I propose a third answer to his conversation at the end to be:
    Are you ready to start? Yes/No (If no, "Ok come visit me at my house when you are ready to proceed")

    EDIT: So I tested something. I left the house and talked to him. Chose one of the options but immediately hit escape key to cancel the cutscene. Went to the cave and all my chests were there! Removed them and then tried this method to get Demetrius to come back the next day and it worked! https://www.reddit.com/r/StardewValley/comments/48zdww/how_to_reset_your_batmushroom_cave_choice/
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