Main Quest - A Partner, a Friend.

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    Hey everyone, its me, Dynafols, bwahahahhahhahahahahahahaah......

    Anyways, this is going to be rather short and quick because I like sleep. My idea for the main questline, if it doesn't exist already, is a partner. Not just some random old fellow to help you throughout the game and shoot random things if you have trouble getting friends on multiplayer. No, this is a partner that helps you out from the very start, has a back-story, relys on you, you rely on him/her, you guys build friendship, etc etc etc. O yea, and he/she is not just some random character that changes dialogue as the game progresses and sits in town all day.

    I know the idea may seem simple, and potentially pointless, but I believe that a key factor to making a story more amazing is a friend there, one that will always stay by your side, who grows stronger with you, one who changes as the quest goes on.

    Basically a dynamic partner/friend/ally who sticks with you to the very end on the main questline.

    Or maybe I play to much Mystery Dungeon, but thats my suggestion. I am ready for your opinions and thoughts and such on this idea of mine. Umm.... happy feet :barefeet:.
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    It works REALLY well in many other games, those friends that you rely on for help and assistance, and that occasional laugh when he or she says something really silly/corny. In game's like Final Fantasy, you grow attached to the other characters in the party, and eventually hate losing them (a la Aerith from FFVII) so having that second character their for a main quest line will really help solidify your place in the game's universe. It'll make you feel more real there, and the character's that accompany your controlled character can further emulate the experiences brought about being in the situations that they get themselves into.

    I really REALLY like this idea, and if there is to be a HUGE main quest line, I really suggest someone on the Starbound team making a team of characters that are REALLY interesting and really believably awesome!

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