Suggestion Make "recommended" mods listed by online maps/campaigns once modding support is here

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Gimmedacloyster, Mar 16, 2019.

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    So I was thinking about how Mods are what's going to make things rather fun in the long term. It'll make campaigns fresh and new and maps always fun. But I realized one of the annoying parts would be that you could probably only tell if a mod was associated with a map/campaign if you were on a forum or something. Not just looking through the games online database of campaigns/maps.

    So if we get modding support, Steam workshop support etc etc ... in the future. A simple feature that would be nice would be to allow map makers/campaign makers to list off mods they want associated with that campaign/map in game so other players before downloading could see the mods "recommended".

    IE: Someone is making a campaign. There's a place in the editor or before publishing it to tick a few boxes of what installed mods are "recommended" to download for the map/campaign. That way if the campaign was meant to have a mod that changes the abilities of all commanders or specific units etc... the person downloading would know that the map is going to be unbalanced unless you have a certain mod installed.

    No idea how feasible this would be but if modding support is coming at some point it would be a nice feature.

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