WIP Marriage Events for All the Bachelor/ettes

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    UPDATE APRIL 1: Shane events complete.

    Hi, all! So I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one who was super disappointed that after marrying your favorite single, their hopes, dreams, personalities, and relationships pretty much die. Sam's and Sebastian's lines about how they used to be good friends were particularly painful. :(

    Since there's already a bunch of good marriage dialogue mods out there, I decided to take a crack at making post-marriage events! They'll be about the struggles the characters overcame, the ways they're still struggling, their relationships with the other villagers, their hobbies, and anything I can think of!

    Because he's my fave, I decided to start with Shane. I'm still coming up with more event ideas, but if you have any you'd like to share, please do!


    • Revisiting the Dock - Shane and the farmer reflect on how much life has changed since their first drunken encounter at the dock.
    • Pillow Talk - Shane and the farmer have a sleepy conversation before they end the day.
    • Jas's Birthday Part 1 - Jas visits the farm to invite Shane and the farmer to her birthday celebration.
    • Jas's Birthday Part 2 - Jas, Marnie, Shane, and the farmer celebrate Jas's birthday as a family.
    Download here.



    • Gardening - The farmer helps Evelyn tend to the town gardens, and Evelyn gives some (unsolicited) marriage advice.
    • Wizardry - Abigail learns a bit of magic. (I'm not sure about this one because I have no idea how I'd implement it hahaha)
    • Stomach Flu - The farmer gets a bad case of the stomach flu. Harvey panics a little and fusses a lot.
    • MoFA - One of Leah's pieces receives glowing reviews from a famous critic.
    • Hey, Dad - Kent and Sam try to reconnect (I'm considering making this a non-marriage/non-romance event because they deserve this!!!).
    • The Solarion Chronicles - Sebastian, Abigail, and Same get together to play an old favorite. Maru and Penny get roped in.

    Also I just really wanna thank @Pathoschild for helping me figure out some scripting issues (and pointing me towards making content packs)!!

    What do you think? If you have any event ideas, I'd love to hear them!
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    • .Lavender.

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      This is really rad! I've made some post-marriage events and I wanted to let you know to be careful with ones inside the farm house. The viewports for upgrade 1 and upgrade 2 are completely different, so I've had to make two versions for each upgrade. Maybe there is a work around? A way to have the viewport "lock on" to a character? I don't know.
      • tenthousandcats

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        Yikes, I didn't think of that! Thanks for pointing it out omg. I'll definitely look into finding a workaround, maybe something to do with the clamp command? In the meantime, I'll try to get more events done!
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        • Meevers

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          This is really promising. Do you have the Shane events available yet or are you going to release them all at once?

          A few ideas:
          • For Sebastian an event involving Maru and/or Demetrius since he doesn't have a particularly good relationship with either (I feel mostly due to Demetrius). I like to think that once Sebastian moves out, he (or they) would want to attempt to improve his relationship with them somewhat. You could also have an event in which you hang out with Sebastian and Sam (perhaps Abigail as well), maybe play Solorian Chronicles again or another game, or go to the Saloon, etc.
          • For a more personal Sebastian event, an event at the train tracks could be good. Pulling from his dialogue about always running there when a train was passing when he was a child. Or, going back to the beach, or anywhere for that matter, on a rainy day.
          • For Alex an event could be you going on a date to the Saloon like his 10 heart event, or going back to the beach together like his 8th heart event. You could also have an event involving Haley considering they were always close prior to your marriage, or have an event in which one of his grandparents get sick.
          • Elliot's events could be simple date events to the beach or forest. Or, an event in which one of his book gets picked up by a big publisher. You could also have an event where Elliot talks more about his past life: who he was prior to moving to Stardew, his family, how he grew up, etc.
          • Another one for Sam, Kent, and Jodi is perhaps one in which Kent begins getting the help he needs for his PTSD. Shane goes out to see a psychologist in ZuZu City on the recommendation of Harvey, I think Kent could benefit from the same. You could also have a follow up event for this.
          • Any of the bachelors/bachelorettes could have an event where you teach them the basics of farming or caring for animals. But this event would probably be difficult to pull off.
          • Any of the bachelors/bachelorettes could have an event at the bathhouse. Why wouldn't you go there together to relax sometimes after all.
          • Any of the bachelors/bachelorettes could have a picnic event.
          There's a lot of ways you can go with events for characters honestly. You can have deep, meaningful events or sweet, fluff events. But, imo a good mixture is always nice. Not everything can be happy all the time so having that balance makes characters feel more realistic. Events can be a pain to do sometimes and take a lot of trial and error so I wish you luck with it and I'll be keeping an eye on the progress of your mod. :>
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          • tenthousandcats

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            Thank you for the suggestions! I'm planning to release all the Shane events at once.

            I would love to get the gang back together to play some Solarion Chronicles! I won't be able to let the player go through another SC scenario like in Seb's six-heart event, but it'd be interesting to see them all interact with one another. I don't know where they'll have their game session yet because it'd be weird to have it in Seb's old basement room. I mean, why would you invite your friends to hang out in your old room at your parents' place if you already have a perfectly good house of your own? :catlol: It definitely won't be happening in the farmhouse though, because of the issue that .Lavender. mentioned. I'll get Penny and Maru involved somehow because I want Seb and Maru's relationship to improve, and Penny's a fan of the series. She's already friends with Sam, so having her join their SC game sessions wouldn't be that big a stretch.
            I've been playing with the idea of Seb and the farmer heading to the train station, but I don't have any ideas about what they would do there or what they'd talk about. I'll have to comb through Seb's dialogue files to get more info on him, but there'll definitely be stuff happening at the train station.
            I love all your other suggestions, and I'll try my best to implement them! <3
            • SheepMilks

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              This is an amazing idea <3 I cant wait to try your mod~
              • captain kaltz+

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                how cool! i can't wait for alex's turn :D
                i already like the idea with evelyn for him in original post, but that @Meevers suggested is also very nice!
                • yint

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                  This is wonderful, I hope it works out well!!
                  • Zosa

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                    this is grand, for sure i would be happy to have a hot-spring event with harvey for that massage he is always promising me X'''D maybe i could learn about the medical benefits of spring water and he can learn about the scar on my butt where the mine monsters keep kicking it!
                    • PencilLead

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                      I'm loving this! I'm very excited for when Alex gets his time to shine. If I may, one suggestion that might improve the quality of life for both player and characters is to perhaps have Alex and Sam have "gigs" where they disappear for one day per week to go off and live their dreams so the player doesn't feel like marriage just stole their chance of making it big. For example, there could be a short event where the player walks into the farmhouse and they go "(Farmer)! Guess what! I got signed with the Tunnelers/the band got a record deal!" or something of that nature. Then-- as said above --they go off for a day to play a gig/play a game. Just a little something for some more immersion, and to make their characters less flat. I look forward to this mod!
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                      • spookychrstmas

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                        super excited to see these events! marriage in the game is so lackluster and i love seeing dialogue/event mods to spice up what's missing.

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