Marriage w/ Shane makes him a worse person

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    Shane is my favorite marriage candidate because of his character depth and that he makes positive changes in his life throughout the game

    However none of that matters because once you marry him, he starts drinking again and his room gets even messier!

    I think it would be way more consistent and less sad if he kept the personal progress he made leading up to marriage, and not have dialogue that says "Beer or cider?" And maybe remove the permanent mud stains from his floor. His room is messy enough without there being literal dirt on the floor. I get that he will still be a little disheveled and depressed after marriage, but the way the game is currently he gets WORSE after marriage.

    Thanks! Love the game!

    Also! Maybe make it so you can change the clothes on your spouse, similar to the way you can put hats on your kids
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        To be fair most characters are crappy in terms of being a spouse. The ones written the best seem to be maru, penny and seb. But even they are murky. Maru never goes to college or even does online courses (seb must hog the comp). Penny was a mary sue and never bothered with ambitions only waiting for her knight in shinning armour. Seb just sits around acting emo worring about frogs (probably has a froppy section on deviant art).

        Seriously the game needs to have life goals for the characters.
        Example s
        Penny-opens a school and it attracts kids from neighboring towns to attend (treat like tourist)
        Shane-takes over marnies (special quest she moves in with mayor and retires)
        Maru-spends some late nights studing and gets her diploma (commutes to college via bus)
        Alex-Drafted by **** team and leaves for training camp m-f
        Haily-Starts a newspaper for the town featuring her photos in every issue
        Sam-Actually does work and wins a wubby (grammy) and occasionally needs to go to the city for deals and such

        You get the idea. Currently they seem to plateau at the 14 heart and their lives consist forever on of oh we have a baby or I watered the plants that just got watered by the sprinkler
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          I’m about to marry Shane soon for the first time (As in I never married him before in any saves) and this worries me too! I felt so bad when I shut down JojaMart and made him jobless. I was thinking “maybe he’ll feel better when he’s my hubby and he won’t have to worry about money no more” but I think that’s just wishful thinking :(
          It would truly be nice if he can just help out Marnie with her chickens after Joja closes or after he got married (maybe he’ll be like, “thank you player for making so much money that I can do what I love most: tending to the chickens!” Or something). Marnie doesn’t need to be retired to have Shane help around, I think. She’s kinda old already after all.

          that would be nice!

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