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Discussion in 'Vehicles and Mounts' started by GildaTheGriffin, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. GildaTheGriffin

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    Does anyone have any ideas on a mech? I will try to do one before this weekend (19/11/16) AU
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  2. Hel

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    Moved to suggestions.
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  3. Shadow20218

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    A mech that can be more like a power suit, having one machine gun like arm and an energy shield secondary with higher mobility capacity than normal characters. Perhaps some sort of thruster boost, like the dash ability but with rocket boosts.
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  4. voiditect

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    a mobility focused melee mech. dash jets, double sabers for super-combo cutting,and a double speed buff.

    a mining mech. huge drill cannon, lower armor, mini-machinegun other arm.

    sniper mech. Huuuuge rail-gun, small mech, needs a reload (right-click) before firing again.
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  5. Eranderil Grey

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    I actually have a lot of input on this to give. I've thought of Starbound mechs for a very long time, probably since you could still hit foes through walls. I think the best kind of mech system for Starbound would be a modular based one, that is to say, you build custom mechs from a variety of parts.

    Were I to create such a system, I would start from a chassis, which would be land, air, or water based. From this frame, different parts could be mounted. For instance on a land chassis (which you could choose from a variety of chassis, each of which having different levels of rarity, and different mountpoints) you could mount tracks, which are slow, but have very high hit points, and a set of arms, with each arm having a different capacity. On a different land chassis, arms aren't supported, but back mounts and a huge main cannon are.

    These would come available later in the game, starting with cheap mechs and mech parts ~ 50,000 pixels each. (yes thats cheap for what i have in mind, keep your pants on folks) These parts could be purchased from Penguin Pete, as well as a Mech Hanger. The Mech Hanger would essentially be a very large crafting station with the storage of mechs in mind. Every ship in the game gets at least one huge room, which could fit one mech hanger. The more Mech hangers you have, the more mech models you can support, meaning certain ships could support up to three mechs. Or you could put down your mech hangers on a planet, so long as they are in an enclosed space, the code for which is somewhat already in game with the colony system. Meaning you could have an unlimited number of mechs, so long as you build into it.

    The point of all this would be that you can mount diverse weapons and tools onto your mechs, to accomplish a variety of tasks much more quickly than your character could alone, if at all. How about a massive matter manipulator that breaks 20 blocks at a time? A huge railgun? Arms mounted on a jet with different weapons on each? How about a combat/construction ready submarine, which has an acid and magma resistant hull? There wouldn't really be many limits, so long as there are the parts and the chassis. Rare/unique parts could be made using rare items/weapons and/or Peguin Pete could have a rotating inventory similar to the Frogg Shop.

    You would do all your work/part creation from the mech hanger, wherever you happen to place it. Your mechs would be stored in the hanger, but deployed from standard vehicle capsules, just like the boat or hovercar. The capsule would be produced from the mech hanger at vehicle creation, and would need to be mounted in it when doing work on the mech, so you can't just update on the fly. Even better if the mech is displayed in the hanger when not deployed.

    I have a huge variety of ideas for parts, which could be even more varied than the current weapon choices in game. The idea gets me so excited I practically froth thinking of it.

    Edit: On a further thought- the hanger could be an upgradeable thing at huge expense, similar to other crafting stations but taking massive amounts of resources. So the base hanger could only support land chassis for example, but after an upgrade it can handle land and water. With a final upgrade it could support any chassis. This would further limit the ability to have a massive army of mechs and allow some form of mech progression. Of course this would affect the quality of parts one could make as well.
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  6. Shadow20218

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    We do have one small objection in the idea of penguin pete selling these would mess with a large amount of other mech mods and that the weapon shop under the outpost would be a better location as it is already on a rotation patter like you want and very few mods utilize this merchant.

    Other than that, great idea we would love this.
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  7. Eranderil Grey

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    No offence, but in my opinion mods play second fiddle to the game. Mods are great, and Starbound does them well... but vehicles are Penguin Petes THING. I don't think that it would interfere too much with mods though. I don't mean for the rotating inventory to be huge, and there's nothing saying that everything has to rotate- so from what I have seen most mods would probably need an update to mesh with the new Pete.
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  8. BatPetersAKAEnderzilla747

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