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    Cultural Style: Conquistadors
    Appearance: Beetle-like

    Flag available here!

    The Coraza follow a single god, known as the Lightbearer who pushes the sun across the sky. Legend says that this being led the Coraza from their underground homes on their arid homeword and out towards the stars. Since then they have become legendary conquerors, planting their flags across the vast reaches of space.

    The Coraza prefer more traditional weaponry; muskets and swords as opposed to ray guns. However, underneath the wood panel and cloth there often lies advanced technology.
    The Coraza starter ship is a large wooden sailing ship. The ship occupies the below-deck area. The sails above are patterned on solar sails. Towards the prow there is a figurehead resembling the Lightbearer grasping the sun. The ship pet unique to Coraza ships is a calf.

    Coraza are proud and zealous, and seek to unite the cosmos under the guidance of the Lightbearer; their art and culture feature solar motifs beyond anything else.
    The Coraza have varied relations with the other races. They are sworn enemies to the Floran, conquering their settlements on numerous occasions. They also conflict with the Avian due to their religious differences (though some scholars have pointed out the similarities between the Lightbearer and Kluex, the two groups are quite different in terms of worship).

    They are incredibly strong, some individuals being able to lift 85 times their weight. Their prowess in combat is helped by their sturdy exoskeleton and large stature, though they also rarely engage without a technological advantage. Coraza can be easily identified by their horns, which vary in number and size between individuals.

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