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  1. Ya, hence the "[citation needed]". [​IMG]
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    I like the ideas of races that are just out there different then the typical idea of what a race should be, Dr. Manhattan comes to mind, google him if your asking yourself who the hell is he lol

    tl:dr dems some mighty fine art skeels ye have der. make moarrrr
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  3. Nah that wasn't really directed at anyone, rather to everyone discussing about the name
  4. I suppose I should explain a bit of the reasoning behind the name.

    The main reason I insist on "kid" is because of
    1. Association with the American wild west outlaw Billy the Kid
    2. Association with the youthful traits of rash, wild, and spirited nature
      • One of their defining characteristics is their "I want to do it on my own" attitude, which keeps them from effectively building on the progress of their peers and predecessors and ever really becoming a mature/dignified race
      • But on the positive side, they pick up stuff really fast, like children
    3. "Kid" is also a livestock term (for goats). More cowboy imagery.
    As for "nova":
    1. I looked through a bunch of star terms and this one felt the most free flowing when spoken.
    2. Novas are a big part of their lives. In the explosion, the dying star ejects the nebulae that they like. It's like a gold rush for them.
    3. I imagine they like the flashiness of it
    Also note: "Novakid" might not even be what they call themselves, but the name given to them by outsiders. Kind of like the Glitch, who shouldn't normally be aware of their faulty behavior.
  5. So it'll kinda be like the Monophytes; they can't talk, so they have no reason to call themselves "Monophyte"

    They call themselves [insert completely empty space here] ;_;
  6. They should call themselves The Best Race Ever. ;3

    I wonder if they'd call someone a "pulsar" as an insult in addition to red giant.
    *fanart pending*
  7. fetalstar

    fetalstar 404 Artist Not Found Developer

    You're actually not that far off!
    It comes from a mix of Axolotl and Hylidae (family of frogs, specifically tree frogs). c:
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  8. These are really great. If this race were in the game, I'd probably play as them. I just love how they look, and their name, too.
    I also like the concept of "re-discovering" the knowledge left in the past.
  9. Now that I think about it, the name Novakid reminds me of Dovahkiin. (from the Elder Scrolls)
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  10. Good thing I didn't call them "Novakin"
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  11. TenaciousTinkerer

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    Quickly! To the parody-mobile!
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    I like the design and the lore, in my opinion they fit Starbound perfectly. I like to think that the version where they evolved inside a gas giant is the true one.
    The only problem I have is what Sousuke Kuroda already stated: the name is odd. Even after reading the explanation it just feels kinda forced.
    (Also, it constantly reminds me of Dovahkiin. :fusrodah: ) [EDIT: well, apparently I'm a hellishly slow writer. It's so annoying]
    Some wild name idea that entered my head: Silans - as the gas that they hold inside would be Silane and they themselves would be Silicon based life forms.

    Oh, and I have two questions about them:
    1. How do they procreate (i'm surprised no one asked about it)?
    2. Is there a mod planned in case they won't make into Starbound officially?
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  13. I actually like the name, it sort of brings out their personality and seems appropriate to their physical features.
    I'm sure someone will make a mod if this doesn't become an official race, the developers like to brag about how easy modding will be. :iswydt:
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    I wasn't sure of the whole "Gas-bag" part of the race, but then I was reminded of the Gasfellas from Bastion. I would really love to see more of this.
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    'Twas in the "Biology" spoiler in the first post.
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  16. [​IMG]

    Here's a pinup because I couldn't think of anything creative to express my approval..!
    Novakids and sensorysquids are not necessarily compatible, please exercise caution.
  17. I'm glad no one asks about this on my race suggestions!
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    Shouldn't the arms glow as well?
  19. I attempted to color them so they are those typical olden times white gloves, but I must have failed if they read as the same material as the novakid itself...
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    Damn my memory and short attention spans. The moment I saw that "red bearded dwarf dude" I jumped to its paragraph and forgot to return back. Apparently I missed the corona explanation as well.
    Thanks for the info.
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