RELEASED Mods Portraits - Harvey,Sam,Sebastian,Elliott,Alex [By NongDarn]

Discussion in 'Portraits' started by NongDarn, Mar 22, 2016.

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    wow this is amaziiing :(((
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      do it with the girls too pls i really like this portrait
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        i like that
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          So, I have been hoping these would be updated to include all the characters for the longest time (a couple years now?). It's depressing that it hasn't happened but of course I understand that real life gets in the way sometimes. I am posting this message for those people that haven't given up hope yet and are following this thread. I stumbled across these portraits of girls (+alex but obviously just use this version here) that are a somewhat similar style to this particular artist. I realize this doesn't resolve the issue with Shane but I figured this was a nice stepping stone. I personally use this one for Shane
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            I don't think I ever posted this here, but if you choose to continue waiting and using the original portraits by NongDarn, I have created a easy to use compilation that works with content launcher here. Don't forget to change the config to have the versions you like!
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              Beautiful hope there is more to come! ^u^/
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                Pleas could you tell me how did you get them looking so nice in the 64X64 scale? if you could give me as much info as possible. what size was your starting image? what scale settings did you use? did you scale at all? did you just draw in a pixel program or something if so what did you use? is there anything i'm forgetting to ask ? lol they look so crisp and clean when is your secret? when I make my stuff so small it looses a lot of detail. even if you could point me to a tutorial that would be great.
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                  you can do higher than 64x64. DCBurgers HD portraits are 256x256, check out the mod Portraiture ^^ and there are programs like Pixelator that can help you turn a drawing into pixel art. I hope this helps!

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                    I'm having trouble getting the mod to work- I think I'm just stupid-
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                      hold the phone! is there a yandere Vincent mod i don't know about? lol
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                        Hi I hope you see this but I'm terrible with this but I don't really know how to follow the steps 1.Download xnb file in Folder Portraits
                        2.copy file xnb to your Path *\Stardew Valley\Content\Portraits\ (should backup old file if you want) i'm sorry can you give me a more in depth tutorial or if maybe you have a video I could follow cause I don't really know what i'm doing and I don't want to ruin my game. Please sorry for being slow with this and if anyone else can help I will gladly appreciate it this is literally the only mod I have/want nothing else.
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                          Both links are for Vincent and Jas :s
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                            is this still available if i try to use it now and also which program i need to use to activate this mod in game ? i need help

                            what program i need to use to activate this mod ? SMAPI or another one ? because i use SMAPI

                            can someone guide me ? i nee help idk which program i need to use to active this mod because i use SMAPI and isn.t working like nothing changed in the game and i followed the steps correctly

                            what fo you mean only those 2 characters works ?

                            JEZZZ I NEED SEBB's PORTAIT SO BADLY SOMEONE NEED TO MAKE IT !!!~~~
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                              @Teoteo Please don't stack posts. Use the edit function to add to your posts or wait for someone else to reply first. I've merged your posts.
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                                i cant't figure out how to make the png file xnb, can anyone help?

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