RELEASED Monteso's Farm and Farm cave: Standard, Forest 2016-12-30

Remake of the Standard and Forest farm. Remake of the Farm Cave

  1. monteso

    monteso Big Damn Hero

    Cave meadow V1.0.png


    After many months on and off, I have finally finished my magun opus. Thou its not as perfected as I would have like it to be. I present to you my custom Farm map and complete overhaul of the FarmCave.

    On the Farm map, what I have done is removed the ugly cliff border replacing it with a thick forest tree line. Making the map feel more like its deep in the back woods surrounded by forest. I also removed the small pond, add a bridge across the large pond, and change granpa's shrine and the dog bowl a bit.

    Now on the FameCave map, that is where this mod shines. I replace the entire map, turning it into a deep forest meadow. The original section where you have the fruit bats or mushrooms, you will find two paths leading off deeper into the forest. Both leading to large open fields (fully farm-able). You will find paths crossing streams, a full lake for you to swim in, a campsite where you can cook and listen to the radio, a fairy ring garden teleport hub, and all manner of hidden alcoves and secrets to discover.

    If you like just my Farmcave and not my main Farm map or vis versa. Don't worry the two can be completely separated. If you only want the Cave then all you need is the FarmCave.xnb and the zcustomforest.xnb from the main zip.

    If there is anything you find: bug, missing tile property, something acting like it shouldn't or not acting at all, Bigfoot, my missing sock, Bigfoot wearing my missing sock. Post a comment and let me know. Testers greatly appreciated.

    Install info
    For Cave map.
    Place zcustomforest.xnb into Stardew Valley/Content folder. FarmCave.xnb in to Maps folder.

    For Farm map
    Place everything into Stardew Valley/Content/Maps folder.

    Overwrite when asked.

    Main File Changelog

    V1.0 Reformat zip structure, separated Cave files
    V0.6 Fix unplantable wild trees, Darker grass on Farm
    V0.5 Major update for the New Game 1.1 update.
    V0.4 Replace all dirt on Farm map with grass
    V0.3 Expanded Warp locations to allow easier teleporting and horse travel into West field
    V0.2 Fix passable boulder

    V1.0 Reformat zip structure, separated Cave files
    V0.2 Major conversion of the Forest map
    V0.1 Minor tweak to the Farm Forest map to better fit visually to my FarmCave map.

    Farm Cave
    V1.0 Separated from Farm maps. Major visual tweaks, hidden paths + areas added.

    Lake swimming entrance.png Untitled6.png FarmCave2 Fairyrings.png

    Download here

    What lies deep inside these sheltered woods?

    Read more about this mod...
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    • LuthienNightwolf

      LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

      Oooh this looks interesting - I've been wanting a Secret Woods farm for a while but the expansion mod I use doesn't work with the one that's out. With the update on the horizon and all the new farm maps, I suspect I may be getting rid of the expansion, when all of the dust is settled I will definitely be looking again for something like this. *watches thread*
      • Ailsaek

        Ailsaek Subatomic Cosmonaut

        sh: -c: line 0: unexpected EOF while looking for matching `''
        sh: -c: line 1: syntax error: unexpected end of file (2)

        I got this when i tried to unzip the file.
        • monteso

          monteso Big Damn Hero

          Unzips fine for me.
          • monteso

            monteso Big Damn Hero

            Update V0.3. Expanded the three main warp locations into the mushroom/fruit area and the two fields. Allow easier teleporting and horse travel into the West field. Horse can't go into the North field cause its too big (fat) to cross a one square wide stepping stone bridge across the stream. I think there's a mod that shrinks the horse's hitbox to allow better horse-riding trough those nasty choke-points ingame.
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            • monteso

              monteso Big Damn Hero

              Update V0.4 Replace the dirt on the Farm map with grass.
              • gobbldygook

                gobbldygook Void-Bound Voyager

                Hmm, perhaps I installed this wrong, but any time I try to enter the FarmCave, Stardew Valley crashes. I copied all the xnb files to the Maps folder - is there anywhere else they should be? This happens on a save without the mushrooms and on a save with them.

                This is a gorgeous map, by the way! I'm just hoping to explore your changes to the FarmCave because they seem really awesome. :)

                Edit: I just unpacked everything, tried to open FarmCave.tbin, and got an error message: "unable to load tilesheet 'cave' with image source ...mine.png" and I don't see any mine.png in my unpacked folder. Perhaps there's a missing file in v0.4? or it's just in a default file I don't have unpacked?
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                • foghorn

                  foghorn Pangalactic Porcupine

                  ^It's just not unpacked.

                  Also: 'zcustomforest.xnb' goes in 'Content', the rest go into 'Content/Maps'.
                  • gobbldygook

                    gobbldygook Void-Bound Voyager

                    ah! that would be why it's not working. thanks so much.
                    • monteso

                      monteso Big Damn Hero

                      With the new update out, I have taking a look at my two maps. My FarmCave map works just fine on the new maps (tested on standard,forest,hills). Ca kept the farm warp location the same, so you should warp into my farmcave fine.

                      My Farm map loaded in and it replaces the standard farm map. I will need to update my custom outdoors tile-sheets (CA added some new things to them). Everything should be okay to run in the new update. But I do not know what exactly CA change and how it will affect my mod. These new spouse areas that I will need to research into.

                      I encourage people to still try out these two maps and report any issues you come across in the new update. Its only with your help
                      can you prevent forest fires
                      can I get this back up and running.
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                      • monteso

                        monteso Big Damn Hero

                        So is it working fine now that the zcustom is in the right place? I forgot to include the read me in V0.4

                        The Farmcave map still has the mine tilesheet as a dependency but as I did not alter the file. I felt in unnecessary to include it into the download and bump up the file size.
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                        • monteso

                          monteso Big Damn Hero

                          Update V0.5 is up. Minor tweak to my Farm and Cave maps to make it completely compatible with Game Update (1.1). Updated the outdoors tilesheets to the new ones, added in the new spouse area (don't place stuff there, seriously). If there's any issues let me know, report any bugs.

                          Added a optional file. Made slight tweaks to the new Farm Forest Foraging map to fit better with my Cave map. I got rid of the cave cliff. Its not necessary to install this to get my main file working. It just to make the two look better together.

                          My Cave map works in all the new vanilla Farm maps (tested in Standard,Forest,Hill). My main Farm map replaces the "Standard" option map.
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                          • Crunchyleaf

                            Crunchyleaf Void-Bound Voyager

                            Do mushrooms/fruit still spawn in the new farm cave?
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                            • monteso

                              monteso Big Damn Hero

                              I can confirm that mushrooms will still spawn in their boxes once you unlock them. For fruit, as I do not have a save that has the fruit bats option, so I cannot directly confirm it. But if mushrooms are fine I assume fruit is also.
                              • FieryChaos

                                FieryChaos Cosmic Narwhal

                                Just so you know, you're missing the warp to the farmhouse on the house (on the standard map), so you can't go back into your house after leaving. I fixed it for myself but you might want to fix it for others.
                                • monteso

                                  monteso Big Damn Hero

                                  yup yup. I know about that. Uploading the fix asap tonight. I very stupidly replace the tile that had the warp action on it. :facepalm:
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                                  • monteso

                                    monteso Big Damn Hero

                                    Update #? is up. Fixed Main Standard map, missing warp point.

                                    New Forest map redone, edit mod page with new info. Third pic is of the forest map, if your wondering what its look likes. Similar to my Standard map in style.
                                    • Katzvielle

                                      Katzvielle Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                      I love this mod!! Thankyou so much for making this I always wanted something more to that cave.
                                      I chose the bats tho so now bats are flying around the forest lol
                                      I also already changed the farm outdoor textures and I had the wrong map (I have the hills not the forest one which I now regret)
                                      So I didn't use ur textures and it still works just fine :DD

                                      If I had the right map would I be able to build buildings like the coop in the forest?
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                                      • monteso

                                        monteso Big Damn Hero

                                        If you are using only my cave map, then you don't even need my outdoors tile sheets or the two farm maps only my customtilesheet. The only changes i made to the 4 outdoors tilesheets was to change granpa's shrine and the petbowl.

                                        I don't understand. You saying you can't build the coop on the hill map. In my playtrou on a new character on the Forest map. I haven't gotten to the point of building a coop but I have built a well. If you mean building in the Cave "forest". Then no you can not build in there as the game can only build on the farm.
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                                        • cat9412

                                          cat9412 Big Damn Hero

                                          so does this only work on the standard/forest maps? i have the quarry map and i got the event from Demetrius to get the boxes, but they never appeared x.x

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