REQUEST Moose horse replacement

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Would you like to ride a moose ?

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  1. Amandine

    Amandine Void-Bound Voyager

    Is there anyone interested into making that kind of mod ?
    There was a similar one released a few years ago but unfortunately the file isn't available anymore

    RELEASED - Forest Friend Horse Replacement | Chucklefish Forums (

    Someone got inspired and made this :


    I really have no idea on how to create a mod, I kept it on the side thinking that one day i would try ... >.> but i'm too lazy so if I Inspired someone to do all the dirty work and release it for the public pliz be my guest

    I mean come on, that's a fantastic steed, and it is technically possible to ride one and not having a death wish. During WW2 Swedish soldiers experimented on implementing Mooses in the military since they are better than horses on the snow, but the mooses couldn't be trained to be accustomed to the sound of gunfire ...

    ThE mOrE yOu KnOw

    all jokes aside I woul greatly appreciate it thanks u :V

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