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    E2KDN8HL0CH is the code to play- I have two cabins open

    Steam name: katen3465
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      I sent you a friend request on steam, just in case you are still looking for friends. I would love to play! I haven't tried multiplayer yet, I've been trying to get used to the new changes before I joined anyone and embarrassed myself. Hopefully I've acclimated myself enough that I can be a productive team member.

      A little about me: I'm been playing Stardew Valley for quite a while now (I think I have over 700+ hours), but I'm new to Steam and new to the PC Version (keyboard works different so I just got a remote that works with my PC and now I'm set). I had originally started playing on PS4, then at Christmas my husband gave me SV on the Switch that he and my 2 adult-children had gotten for me for Christmas as a combined gift.

      So now, I officially have Stardew Valley on 3 systems. I didn't set-out to do that, I just morphed into having it that way. Switch was a gift (so I can bring it with me when I travel with my husband for his job from TX to MS), and Steam (my final acquisition) was so that I could have it on my PC and play multiplayer.

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