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    In Stardew Valley there is no way to change your characters name.This feature could be added through the Mirror of Illusions or like the divorce option you could pay to change it.I believe that this feature should be added because if you name your character then want to change it later then it can't happen, you could restart but if you're far in on year 5,10, or more and still having fun you wouldn't want to restart.I have a few suggestions for the horse and your cat/dog.For the dog it could be like the creation menu, three things that you can change the color of.Instead of eye color,hair color, and pant color it could be paw color,snout color, and body color or maybe a button to toggle spots on and of plus what color they are.With the cat same thing paw color,body color, and snout color or maybe even a button to toggle stripes on and off plus what color they are.Now for horses, I feel like there's something missing from Stardew Valley involving horses... A Horse Scepter! It would act like the Return Scepter but it would bring your horse to you. My other wants for the horse are of course colors.The horse would have more options though like lower leg color,body color,snout color, mane color,tail color,if they have spots or not and what color those spots are.
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