need dialogue help for ‘jas moves in’ mod.

Discussion in 'Mods' started by teddybearss, Jan 20, 2019.

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    as it says on the tin, i’m currently making a mod that would allow jas to move onto the farm after you marry shane. i have most of the technical stuff handled, but i’m not really a writer.

    i’m looking for some suggestions for the dialogue. like, jas talking about how she’s excited about being a quasi big sister, or shane thanking the farmer for getting her to bed at night or for letting her move in at all. that kind of thing. if you have any ideas, please drop them in the comments below!
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      Is this something you are still working on? This would be a great mod and I'm sure a ton of people (myself included) would download. You probably wouldn't need too many lines. Probably stuff like:

      "Shane is so much happier here, and that makes me happy!"
      "I miss Aunt Marnie, I think I'll go visit her today."
      "I think Vinny/Vincent is cute, but he told me that he likes Miss Penny."
      "I love (child)! S/he is so cute!"
      "(Child) bit me today. It hurt, but I forgive him/her."
      "I can't wait until (child) gets older so we can play hide and seek!"
      "I love Aunt Marnie, but I'm glad we are living here now. I like playing on the farm!"
      "I am going to go to school with Vinny/Vincent and Miss Penny today! I'll see you later!"
      "I am going to play with Vinny/Vincent today!"
      "I'm going to play with (type of animal or pet) today!"

      And for Shane, you may just add in a couple of lines like:

      "Thanks for letting Jas move in with us. I know Marnie would have kept her there, but I feel responsible for her."
      "I'm glad Jas is able to have a semi-normal family now. I always worried when we lived with Marnie that she would never get that again."
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        Seconding this! This is such a cute mod idea, I hope you manage to release it at some point.

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