Boss Nerf the damn startrooper mk I

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  1. iainduncan3

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    Let me give you a brief rundown on how op this boss is. I jump into the boss room with my full rubium armor, and am instantly killed. It took less than 3 seconds to die. I switched to the purple set, and then took about 45 seconds to die. This boss does far to much damage. There is no way to avoid the missiles, which each bring you down 4 bars of health. The wiki's definition of this boss is , "The definition of op". I think that speaks for itself. Also, I am not trying to just rant about how i died two times. I died about 15 times. It reached the point where I knew it was next to impossible and needs to be nerfed. Thanks.
  2. Darklight

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    You can destroy the missiles
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    kill the missiles, use grappling to avoid the bullrush, use shield to block the ceiling bulletspam. Also spam TONS, and I mean TONS, of bandages and stims.
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    A useful strategy for this guy is to use a full auto rifle and be very mindful of your energy drain so as not to deplete your charge so you have enough left to shoot the missiles he launches. (If you manage to destroy the missiles right as he shoots them the aoe will damage the boss instead.)

    Spending some time exploring to find a high quality shield with excellent durability can also make this fight much more viable, and you can jump over the fist attack so no need to use the grappling hook to dodge it if your timings good enough.

    It can take several tries but he is killable in time.
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