New armor / ores. (Zinc, bauxite, aluminum.)

Discussion in 'Blocks and Crafting' started by SasquatchViking, Dec 25, 2015.

  1. SasquatchViking

    SasquatchViking Master Chief

    Hello, I have come up with a few ideas on armor to b added to the game.

    Zinc can be found underground on eccentric star systems and is extremely common, Zinc can be plated over iron and steel armor making them stronger. If zinc plated iron armor is made into steel armor it is already plated.

    Aluminum would make the new tier 7 armor. It would be crafted with the tier 6 set and 20 aluminum bars.
    Aluminum cannot be found as an ore, to make it you need to put two bauxite ore in an atomic furnace, but bauxite ore can only be found on dangerously hot planets with the danger level of extreme, and are still very rare to find.
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  2. Bughunter

    Bughunter Spaceman Spiff

    I like the idea of adding new ores and the such, and would be willing to create a mod for now, but I don't see why aluminium would be the top tier of armor, as it's quite weak compared to something like steel.
  3. PabloElPuas

    PabloElPuas Pangalactic Porcupine

    t would be ideal add new minerals to have much more variety
  4. Lichen

    Lichen Big Damn Hero

    The tier thing should be too much work but an alternate material for special weapon/armour would be a better idea

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