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New bug? Cave fly audio won’t stop even after reload

Discussion in 'Support' started by Milena, Nov 16, 2018.

  1. Milena

    Milena Seal Broken

    I was fighting off a swarm, and made a hasty retreat. However, the fly buzzing carried on all ‘day”. I tried reloading, even changed season now from winter to spring, but the buzzing keeps going and I can’t hear music at all. It’s really annoying. It even keeps going after I’ve logged out, over the loading screen. Any ideas - I’ve just completed 2 years and can’t face starting again, or living with this constant noise...
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    • Selpmis

      Selpmis Space Hobo

      I’m having the same problem on iOS.

      Made a swift exit when a bug was flying at me in the mine. Bug buzzing audio continues throughout the game.

      On iphone 6+, fully updated.
      • kevinhibbard

        kevinhibbard Space Hobo

        I had same problem. It went away after I deleted game from system memory, then restart game, then load game file.

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