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    Starbound is an excellent game, though, it seems a bit limited on its combat system. Yes, I realize that we have the various damage types, special weapon abilities, and the workshop has done a fantastic job with new weapons and tech to toy around with, but I would like something that is new. Starbound is limited in how much action it can muster within combat, and at some point, combat becomes easy and somewhat monotonous (at least in my experiences). The game can put a greater emphasis on thinking tactically and using other tools to your advantage, like your ship and crew. I've rambled long enough, let's just get to the list.

    Fleet at your Command:
    Perhaps the most demanding of the suggestions, this would entail the player eventually gathering multiple ships to accompany them after they've upgraded their ship to its max with the max number of crew members (or a minimum requirement). Players can then create new ships, this can be done by the player making them from scratch, or buying a pre-made one from penguin bay. If the devs decide to have the player do it themselves, they could have a sort of starport "crafting table" where they can build one like they do a house, then launch it into space. With the fleet at your command, the player will be able to have even more crew members at the ready, launch orbital strikes, call in troops, and, if the devs add it, call in specialized combat vehicles such as hover tanks, assault gunships and big, bad walkers bristling with turbo-charged laser batteries. This could also open up for some interesting commands and micromanagement to make the crew members more viable in combat (aside from giving them an enormous buff). By using the F1-F4 keys, players can issue commands to the crew, such as regrouping, ordering them to guard a certain point, search and destroy, and finally, to use something like a lever, console, or even man a vehicle. A tall order, but empowering nonetheless.

    Gun Arm:
    I'm sure many of you know about the newest Deus Ex, which introduced gun arm augmentations. The concept here would be similar, only instead of replacing the whole arm, the player is allowed to equip a cuff with one specific ability in it. These abilities can be speedy, super-accurate missiles, flamethrowers, wrist-mounted vibroblades, and even miniaturized rail guns. The point of a gun arm is that it will be equipped just like armor, and when needed the player can press middle mouse to use the gun arm. Some will require energy, just like ranged weapons, and those that do will require a great deal of energy.

    Revamped Pets:

    The pet system in Starbound is a bit lackluster. There is really nothing for them to be except a bullet sponge. The pet system can be enhanced to allow actual progression of the pet to get stronger, and even be outfitted with more than just a simple collar. Something along the lines of armor for your pet, some pets being mountable with mounted combat, and maybe even some unique pets that are only purchasable from certain merchants, like a horse from Earth. There could even be reason to level and properly gear pets, akin to Pokemon with tournaments, fashion contests, and whatever else the devs can think up. It would also be interesting to genetically manipulate pets to make them a better fighter, though the player will have to watch for its genetic stability when doing so.

    Implants and Enhancements.

    This leads to our next topic, implants and enhancements for the player themselves. Implants can behave like certain augments already in game and some EPPs as well, granting healing, immunity to certain climates and elements, and even an increase in damage. Simple but effective.

    Ultimate Techs

    This leads to our final topic, ultimate techs. Essentially these techs are highly offensive abilities for the player that will consume all energy upon use. Ultimate techs could be abilities like firing explosive pellets in every direction, a barrage of seeking missiles, incredible melee damage boost while being invincible for a short period, there are many possibilities with this.

    Tell me what you guys think, anything you'd change?
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