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Discussion in 'Vehicles and Mounts' started by TheChriss, Feb 18, 2018.

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    So, I´ve been playing playing around with my new hoberbike and, well, I have a small list of problems and some ideas to how we should fix them:

    1- Unwanted extremely high speeds: Sometimes I want to just go slower so I don´t crash and/or explode, so what about the mouse wheel controlling the max speed, I mean in the future there HAS to some way to prevent stupidly exploding your own car, doesn´t it? (This should be rebind-able in the control settings)

    way to defend yourself: Enemies, no matter your speed, will try to attack you, and the will damage the bike, by going at a certain speed you should be able to run over and damage them, not mortal damage, but a considerable damage for a vehicle

    Well, it´s certainly short, but I think this would greatly improve driving around an unknown planet
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