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    Hello guys, i'm here to bring a suggestion about a new mechanic that i think could be cool to be in the game, the natural disasters.
    Everything writen here is just imaginative. In case of bad grammar here, i'm so sorry, english isn't my native lenguage.
    It would be randomic events that happens in every planet. Certain planets are more propicious to have certain disasters.

    Earthquakes: The earthquakes should occur in every planet, more frequently in Volcanic and Lava planets. The earthquake open ravines in Dirt soil, Mud soil, Clay soil and Gravity affected soil, destroy wooden walls and furnitures, apply minor damage in the player, NPCs and animals of all kind. The earthquakes throw blocks of the top of the hills and mountains to randomic places. Immediatly breaks glass blocks, windows and breakable objects.

    Tsunamis: Occur everywhere that have oceans, and with every type of liquids. It's a simple elevation in the Ocean that forms a wave and rushes against the pieces of land. It take down trees, and gives a lot of damage if collides with the player or any NPC/Animal. Immediatly breaks glall blocks, windows and breakable objects.

    Wildfire: Wildfire can occur in every planet with vegetation, except in Decayed, Lava, Volcanic, Artic, Tundra and Midnight planets. It occur with minor frequency in Snow planets. WIldfire spreads foccus of fire tree per tree, it can hit crops, bushes, Wooden related blocks and objects and leaf/flower blocks. Apply burn damage to player, NPCs and Animals.

    Volcanic Eruption: Occur wheen the level of the Lava inside Volcanic Microdungeos grow up. It can be followed by some explosions in the top of the structure, and some fireballs raining in arounds. It apply fire damage to the player. And the lava will come to flow free.

    Hurricane: Hurricanes can form in every type of planets. It's a simple collum of air that fall of the sky and start its show. Hurricanes kill trees, crops and bushes, throw gravity affected blocks to the air, and brokes blocks like: Wood related blocks, Clobblestones, leafs, well, every blocks that you use to build a normal house. The Hurricanee softly attracts the Player, NPCs and Animals close to it. In contact with liquids it spread the liquid in the air. It apply periodic damage to the player that is touching it, and if the players get throwed to the air, he will obviously get damage for falling.

    That was some of my ideas for natural disasters. I tough to suggest avalanches but you can alredy "provoke" one agroupping gravity affected blocks and breaking the base block, and things of the kind.

    The player can verify which disaster the orbited planet are more suscetible to have tough the Navigation Console, in a bar called Natural Hazard or something of the type. Here is a photoshoped image that i made for try illustrate how it could be. It was supposed to bee a Earthquake Icon, Wildfire Icon and Hurricane Icon. Planet_map.png

    Well, i guess that will be all in the momment. See you soon.
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    Interesting... Can be adjusted a bit... but is a good idea. Jaja you think a lot about that ..he?.. Great work

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