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    Nightmare's Additional Weaponry
    This mod is mainly designed for use with @zipy199522 customshops mod,
    for weapons to be balanced and non-cheaty.

    With all the retextures, for weapons, that I've done, I decided to add all of them as additional weapons to Stardew Valley's vanilla weapons.

    64 New Weapons, Balanced (If you have Custom Shops Mod installed)
    I highly recommend downloading Omegasis' Custom Shops Mod! It makes these weapons and obtaining them not cheaty.
    (Link Below)

    DOWNLOAD Nightmare's Additional Weaponry
    - Transfer .zip's Content to your Stardew Valley directory (\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley)
    - Agree to replace the two files already existing (don't worry, it won't delete/replace anything else)
    - That's it!

    There's a backup included if you want to return to vanilla. Installation is the same.If you prefer to install manually, just drag and drop the .xnb's to their correct folder *Make sure you do this correctly or game will crash!*

    To obtain these weapons, you'll either need one of two mods:

    - Omegasis's Custom Shops:

    - CJB's Item Spawner:

    (Omegasis plans to upload his mod to Nexus and Chucklefish forums, when he does, I'll update link)
    Github can be a bit confusing, here's what ya do to install it:

    First Part-
    Download ZIP (Top Right, it'll be a Master File including all his files)
    ^Link will take you straight to downloading Zip if you prefer
    - Extract/Move CustomShopMod_Redux_GUI from .zip to your \Stardew Valley\Mods folder
    (Check out his other mods, if you'd like, some pretty nifty ones! ^.^)

    Second Part
    - Extract/Move the CustomShopMod_Redux_GUI folder in into \Stardew Valley\Mods folder
    - It will add my unique custom shop txt file and that's all.
    - In-Game, the default hotkey to open custom shop is 'U'
    (The Custom Shops mod comes with three premade shops, but you'll just press the arrow to cycle through until you find Nightmare's Weaponry)

    How to video:
    Mic has terrible feedback on it, so look for the annotations for worded instructions.
    (If the annotations aren't showing up off this site, they aren't for me and I dunno why, they will off of YouTube page)

    Everything should work fine now!
    Both mods above do require SMAPI

    Want to know how to add your own weapons to SDV?
    Unpack weapons.xnb from TileSheets and extend canvas down by 16 pixels (do not widen)
    Make your 16x16 weapon(s) then repack as .xnb file

    Unpack weapons.xnb from Data, it will be a .yaml file only
    Open with Notepad+ and add new numbered lines for each weapon you're adding.
    (values go by 'Name/Description/Min dmg/Max dmg/Weight/Speed/Precision/Defense/WeaponType/?/?/?/CritChance/CritDmg)
    You can also reverse engineer and unpack my Data weapons.xnb to get an understanding
    If you do play around with values, be careful, especially with CritDmg, if too high where the game doesn't recognize, it will crash your game.​
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      Perhaps, but most certainly not by me. That involves voodoo black magic sorcery some folks call "coding" and I've tried my hand at it...and failed miserably. :(

      With the new API, not too far away so I hear, we may see more mods coming out that are able to do so much more than now. Possible that this could be done easier, but from one who dabbles in the dark computer arts.

      Max I can do is make a new weapon, expand the sprite sheet, and open the .yaml file to edit values of its damage, knock back, defense, speed, etc.

      And these I make require other mods to spawn them into your inventory, only with custom shops, it sets conditions, aka price to obtain it.

      Someone that knew coding could probably gander at Omegasis' and trade those values for different ingredients to be the conditions to spawn in a new weapon, giving the appearance of upgrading or crafting.
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        Holy s**t there's a chainsaw! YES. Time to hide in the maze during the fall festival and act like a freakin' lunatic. Also chop down trees. And necks. I mean that pink butterfly sword is also neat lol
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          btw the third ? in the weapon attributes is <addedAreaOfEffect>

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