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Bug/Issue Nintendo Switch - "Journey Of The Prairie King" arcade freeze + bad setup

Discussion in 'Support' started by kamealex, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. kamealex

    kamealex Space Hobo


    Two problems while playing the western arcade happened to me.

    - Aiming with the right stick works as expected, but if you try to play with A-B-X-Y buttons, the A and X are reversed, so they doesn't match the direction we're trying to aim.

    -This is way worse. After playing a whole in-game day, I went to play the arcade and, a couple stages after the first shop appearance, the game got frozen. Music was still playing and I could press home to go back and forth from the switch OS menu, but the game was completely stuck at that point and I had to close the program and open it again, to completely redo that day.
    • Holdwine

      Holdwine Space Hobo

      Having the exact same issue
      • kamealex

        kamealex Space Hobo

        "They doesn't". Holy shit, me.
        • Typhoon

          Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

          Noticed your post in the main bugs thread so thought I'd add it here:

          " New Softlock while playing the Prairie King in the arcade. No need to press "-" or whatever. It just softlocks."

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