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Nonrepeatable Mac crash

Discussion in 'Mac / Linux Bug Reports' started by Madame Hardy, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. Madame Hardy

    Madame Hardy Big Damn Hero

    I'm getting crashes near the end of the Stardew day, in no specific situation or action. I keep losing a day's work without being able to identify what is happening. I thought I'd attach my crash log just in case.

    What happens: Silent (no message) crash to desktop.
    MacOS Sierra 10.2.3, MacbookPro Retina 13-Inch Early 2015 (God, Mac hardware names suck.)

    Can you clarify: "You can find this by right-clicking "Stardew Valley [mac_linux_test]" in your Steam library clicking properties." Where exactly are my Steam library clicking properties? If I look at my Steam landing page for Stardew Valley, all I see is a Play button, and I can't right-click anywhere to find properties.

    Can you edit the bugs post to give the correct MacOs pathname for error logs? The pathname given doesn't exist. Logs are probably somewhere in

    /Users/[name]/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Stardew Valley/Contents
    but I can't find anything there.
    • MysticTempest

      MysticTempest Spaceman Spiff

      I don't think the buildID shows up in Steam anymore; at least it doesn't on Linux.

      In that left-hand panel is where you right-click Stardew Valley for its options.

      Alternatively, you can launch the game. Then on the Title menu, down in the bottom right-hand corner; click on the "?" mark.
      It should bring up an overlay with info; the game version is on the opposite side. Bottom, left-hand corner; it should say what yours is.

      If you can't find the error logs in the normal area; try the one mentioned for Linux:

      Just note that, the ".config" folder is hidden by default.

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