NPC NPC's Should Have Different Models Based On Age

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by burningvshadow, Oct 21, 2017.

  1. burningvshadow

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    As we play the game, yes each race and NPC have their own unique look dealing with color, clothing, unique traits dealing with certain races, etc. but to add some more diversity, how cool would it be if there would younger and older looking models of the NPC's out and about among the universe?

    For certain civilizations of a race that would be suitable for the support of younger and older members of a race, there should be a certain percentage of the population that would be young kids, teenagers, adults(current), and elders. These character's customization would still take the basic information that goes into generating a normal character, but there would be an added factor of age included.

    This would add a nice element of progression and community to civilizations on planets (and possibly ships? Day-care rooms?) showing that they have been around awhile. Some of course would not contain any age diversity such as the Apex Rebels. This is just something that I think would be a neat addition to the game and I hope others feel the same way.
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    It could be a mod (I like the idea tho)

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