Number crunching crop profitability, with Python source

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    Because I'm that sort of dork, I've run the numbers on crop profitability. You can see the results at The fields are:
    • Profit: If you grow the crop as long as possible outdoors, what is your expected profit for a single plant per season.
    • Greenhouse: If you grow the crop in your greenhouse for a year, what is your expected profit for a single plant per season.
    • Name
    • Growth Days: How many days until it's ripe. If it repeatedly fruits, the + indicates how many days it takes to refruit.
    • Seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.
    • Price: Price for a single seed.
    • Sale Price: Profit from selling a single item × number of items harvested from a single plant.
    • Days: Days of growing season in a year when farming outside.
    • Harvests: Number of times you can harvest (and replant if necessary) a crop during the growing season outside.
    Numbers assume basic crops, nothing silver/gold/iridium. As you grow nicer crops, the order of profitability should stay the same, but the exact profit will vary.

    Take everything with a grain of salt. The numbers don't take into account special cases. For example, my calculations assume a Rare Seed will cost you 400, but I don't think you can actually acquire it for that price anywhere in game. (Although even at 1,000, it's the most profitable crop.)

    The Python source code I used to generate this is available at . I'm relying on Draivin's XNB Node to extract the data. I've extracting a lot more of the crop-related data than I'm displaying or even using, which may be useful to other people wanting to poke around.
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