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  1. wooltwo2006

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    I think Nuru and other NPCs like this should become part of your crew when you complete all their quests so like you could go on a mission and bring Nuru or someone cool and really strong to fight for you instead of some dumb avian soilder. Plus Nuru is pretty cute too ;)

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  2. Daikon Ocelot

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    I guess it will be a problem if there are multiple players. Nuru will be duplicated for each player completing that mission. But I agree about one thing, Nuru is cute indeed.
  3. The Avelon

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    You could try the job offers mod. The only issue is if you want your NPCs to look correct you'll need a tailor and a set of invisible vanity item clothes.

    There's another mod whose name I don't remember that lets you set outfits for individual crew members rather than your whole crew having the uniform that looks like your clothes.

    I like the idea of at least having the option to recruit them - perhaps replacing each one on the Outpost with some other NPC (at least Lana and Tonuouac).

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