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  1. DreadwingThePiratePenguin

    DreadwingThePiratePenguin Aquatic Astronaut

    So in the winter update a ton of things were changed including the boss mechanics. Rather then an item spawning a boss similar to Terraria, there are now missions that you can unlock through quests. Some of these missions are not bosses at all, but a modified dungeon (Erchius Crystals, The Hunt). What I would like to know is when are the other bosses from the previous version going to be implemented, if at all? I feel that there needs to be more midgame content, and there feels like there are so many things missing.

    Thank you for taking your time to look at this
  2. Boufman

    Boufman Black Hole Surfer

    I believe some of the old bosses, or all of them, will be implemented soon. They still haven't finished making all of the missions. Plus, I'm pretty sure coding in those bosses wasn't an easy task, so they definitely will add them all in later missions, otherwise there's gonna be a riot at the Chucklefish office.
  3. AliasPseudonym

    AliasPseudonym Big Damn Hero

    I completely agree about having the old bosses. I only got to play through the earlier version once and I would really enjoy fighting the Jelly, Bone Dragon and Inactive Robot (although it's a lot like the Shockhopper Mech).
  4. STCW262

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    Fatal Circuit is rather unlikely to come back, considering that it´s too similar to Sockhopper mkI, but the other bosses could be readded with a bit of rework.
  5. The Squid

    The Squid Oxygen Tank

    Personally, I would love to see the bone dragon return. I think that out of all of the Starbound bosses ever, the bone dragon was the best.

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