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Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Hovan Clockwatcher, May 22, 2015.

  1. Hovan Clockwatcher

    Hovan Clockwatcher Void-Bound Voyager

    This boss simply needs to be heavily nerfed. It's that simple. The mech's attacks are all extremely overpowered, with most killing the players in a single hit, even if they have high-level gear. Yes, the missiles can be destroyed, yes, you can follow a specific strategy to kill him by grappling onto the ceiling and whatnot, but if you make one, singe, solitary mistake while fighting this boss, you're a smear on the floor It's back to square one, and keep in mind that this is only the second boss in the whole game.

    Also, while we're on the subject of this boss, even if he isn't nerfed, I've encountered an issue where he stands next to the entrance, causing players to be killed instantly when they enter. A minor edit causing him to return to the center of the room perhaps?
  2. user2345562

    user2345562 Guest

    He's the third boss, and is going to be the fourth in the next update with the new spider boss coming. I do agree with you that his attacks are a little overpowered, though that's how it should be. By the time we're able to fight him, we have access to many techs, weapons, and consumables that allow us to do some heavy damage to most enemies. He is also a pretty easy to beat if you know what to do when he starts a certain attack, they're all pretty simple attacks too. Also, if you see him at the entrance, you know you can just simply energy dash to the side before he can hit you.
  3. Hovan Clockwatcher

    Hovan Clockwatcher Void-Bound Voyager

    The third boss? He's the second one I've come across. Who's the second one?
  4. user2345562

    user2345562 Guest


    edit: here,
  5. Hovan Clockwatcher

    Hovan Clockwatcher Void-Bound Voyager

    Dreadwing was the first guy I met!
    You know, I'm starting to think I missed something back at the beginning...
    Who's the first boss, and how do I get the mission?
  6. user2345562

    user2345562 Guest

  7. Jiko

    Jiko Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Yes, he's a little overpowered, but it actually reminds me a lot of Dark Souls bosses. Punishes you for your mistakes, but it's a fair challenge when you use the right strategy.
    pick a shield keeping it all up all the time, and 300 dmg pistol or more. When he uses plasma balls, stay in the opposite corner and wait, the balls will disappear before reaching you. When he uses the flamethrower, start shooting, then when he gets closer use the tech to jump above him. When he uses missiles keep the distance and destroy missiles while hitting him.
    Just jump when he uses that dash thing.
    Oh and remember to bring some bandages.
    I think it's much more fun to fight and more rewarding to beat than Erchius Horror, and the UFO thing was not bad, but a little spammy.
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  8. user2345562

    user2345562 Guest

    I approve of this message
  9. Jerln

    Jerln Oxygen Tank

    I think there should be some platforms in the Shockhopper fight, to allow some vertical movement as well.
  10. STCW262

    STCW262 Heliosphere

    I think that Discharge is the only OP attack it has, due to it both dealing a lot of damage and being difficult to dodge. Dash Zoo and the Flamethrower at least are easily avoided, and the rockets can be taken down, and spears are beyond their blast radius, which is helpful at preventing energy from running out.
  11. DJFlare84

    DJFlare84 Spaceman Spiff

    I can't say I agree.

    Even if you have all the best Violium stuff it takes a REASONABLE amount of effort to whittle down his HP. And even if you use the final tier of stuff and do things like place a Supergiant Orb right on him when he hovers in mid-air, he's got a fair amount of health. He is by no means easy in terms of HP.

    For the most part, yes. The problem is that a lot of his attacks do OHKO damage. Yes, I'm wearing the Rubium set but that SHOULDN'T MATTER. It's an armor set that is supposed to be on-par with Violium and Aegisalt at that tier. You should not be punished so unfairly for picking "the wrong" armor. A lot of times I got caught in an unavoidable storm of electroballs, or dash-punched into oblivion, or even the missiles just whittling down my health for each one I didn't successfully avoid.

    It's not a fun boss fight. I highly recommend having friends help you cheese it.
  12. user2345562

    user2345562 Guest

    I never said do heavy damage to him, just most enemies, he's obviously gonna take hits like a tank :p

    Also, his attacks are pretty easy to survive if you know how to, it even tells you what attack he's going to use before he does it, giving you time to prepare.

    flamethrower: just jump over him and stay out of the fire's range using a tech, grappling hook, or jump stim until the attack ends

    dash: just stay on the opposite side of the room from him and try to stay high up in the air using a tech, jump stim, or grappling hook until the attack ends.

    punch: just avoid him

    missiles: shoot em with a high fire rate gun or just a regular gun. You can shield them, and destroy them using a projectile from a special melee weapon too. you can even throw things at em to destroy them.

    electroballs: just stay far away from him.... thats it. You can shield in the corner of the room or use the ctrl key to get a further view and shoot at him.
  13. DJFlare84

    DJFlare84 Spaceman Spiff

    You did imply that the weapons made the fight easier. lol

    I mean, it DOES... compared to doing the fight with, say, STEEL weapons...

    True, but...

    Knowing how to avoid attacks =/= gaurantee that you can and will.

    I might just have some really lousy luck, though. For instance, I was caught by his dash attack (which OHKO's) as I was descending from dodging a flamethrower attack. I dunno how he wound it up so quickly but he did, and I had nooo way to avoid it at the time.

    And another instance I was caught on the wrooong side of the room when he began winding up his Electroball attack, so trying to move myself to the other side where there's actually a safezone, I wound up still taking 2-3 unavoidable hits.

    From all of your advice, it seems like "the best way" to defeat it is to bring a shield and a one handed pistol and literally nothing else. To be fair, it's good, solid advice. To be fair-er, though, it sounds like admitting that melee and staves are just silly (and I'd be inclined to agree. I got killed several times trying to use staves and a broadsword). I don't like that.
  14. user2345562

    user2345562 Guest

    Shield and one handed pistol are the way to go, that's how I always beat him xD
    but yeah, melee weapons will get you completely destroyed in that fight.
    Also I know you can't always perfectly avoid the attacks, but at least knowing how to gives you a higher chance of living against that monstrosity :p
    It's probably going to be like this for a while if they keep him like that, but with the new update coming out soon, he might just get the nerf.
  15. DJFlare84

    DJFlare84 Spaceman Spiff

    All he really needs is a damage nerf, really. Even if it's just something like, instead of OHKO I walk away with 10hp. I can live with that, y'know?
  16. Cherostavik

    Cherostavik Void-Bound Voyager

    I'm with you on the damage nerf. I'm rather sure I don't suck since I didn't have a problem until this boss. It took me 16 tries to kill this boss. Players shouldn't be punished for picking rubium. The attacks may be simple, but a single mistake and you're done. Punch is easy to dodge, but a single missile does 183 damage with full rubium at time of writing. For reference, you get 200hp total with it. Overload does 93 damage per hit. Flamethrower doesn't do too much (I didn't bother trying to read the spammy values, but I still had over half health after getting hit with a full burst) and the charge does over 300 damage. I don't know if I just have bad luck but he INSTANTLY winds up the charge, and unless I'm already in the air I die to it every time. This boss just plain isn't fun and for one reason. He does WAY too much damage. I understand he's a later game boss and should be hard, but he shouldn't have me fighting him over and over for half an hour because of every slight mistake I make resulting in death and restarting the fight. As a side note, the gnome gun is probably the best weapon possible for taking down the missiles.
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