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    Something that can be a problem is the fact that a simple and honest misclick can cost you 2-hours of carefully laid out tactics (this happens in many TBT games, not a Wargroove-only problem).

    I understand that some people appreciate that, and that an "undo" option is not a good option because it would dramatically influence the game's difficulty.
    Something which would make everyone happy imho could be an option in the settings:
    • If option is activated, the player will have to go through an extra click to confirm any action he chooses. Movement, attack, heal, anything, before happening will require one extra click. Makes it slower, but avoids honest misclicks. Does not influence difficulty.
    • If option is not activated, game will be exactly as it currently is.
    I know I am not alone in being cursed with fat thumbs, and usually mods for this are appreciated in TBT games (xcom!!!)
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