Optional Quest objectives and possible bonuses

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    Many games now days have Optional Quest objectives that makes the players go the little extra mile in completing their quest if they choose to, which again exstains the games contents
    often with minimal effort for the game developers.(not always depending on the program it runs on)

    The bonuses can often Vary from exstra cash to one more reward item, a achievement or some alternative dialogue when completing the quest sometimes jokes other times to prove someone wrong or to remove guilt from having to have the npc to do more work.

    Optional objectives is a fun feature to have in games it gives us a feeling that there is more to the game.

    But the objectives can't always be something easy repetitive as kill 15 extra of those monsters or give me 50 more ores of that type all the time,
    it have to Vary or it kills that feeling and it becames very repetitive and grindy quickly. making it suck the willingness from us to do quests at all and giving it a opposite effect.

    But this is easily avoidable if you atleast take turns like this.

    ones a few extra enemys to kill on one or grind item quest.

    twice (atleast) the time to do something else on two or more ohter quest

    and repeat.
    like the old saying gos one step back two steps forward.

    also here is one example of a optional quest objective that is not based on grinding
    Optional Quest objective.png
    kill the sheriff
    (Optional kill her with a pistol weapon)
    (Optional and do not shoot the deputy)
    the joke ref is from the song i shot the sheriff but i didn't shoot the deputy.
    this is just a example from a another game (the easiest one to understand that i could come up with on a short time.)
    to prove that it do not have to be grinding all the time to be a Optional objective again if it only is grinding then it gets the opposite effect.
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    Would optional objectives be applied to storyline missions as well? If so, there could be optionals involving defeating storyline bosses in specific ways, or there could be optional objectives that involve taking different paths.
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    Sounds like a cool idea like take out the Erchius horror before it spawns more then one minion or something or defeat the ixodoom but let nuru take the killing blow or take the killing blow your self or something etc.

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